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Ashunera is the creator goddess in the world of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and its sequel, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. A benevolent goddess, she doted on all of her creations equally, including the zunanma. Over the many generations, the zunanma evolved in different directions, and Ashunera saw fit to give these evolved creatures new names; the beorc and laguz.

Unfortunately, Ashunera's action only served to further stir an already simmering resentment between the two newly named species, and the beorc and laguz began to fight each other. This conflict proved too much for Ashunera to bear, and in a fit of emotion, she inadvertently caused the world to flood. Only the continent of Tellius was spared.

Dismayed by what her emotions had wrought, Ashunera split herself into two separate goddesses; Ashera, the goddess of order, and Yune, the goddess of chaos. Ashera and those loyal to her, including the heron laguz Lehran and the black dragon Dheginsea, then waged war against Yune, who contained Ashunenra's emotional qualities. In the end, Ashera was victorious, and Yune was sealed away in Lehran's Medallion.

Centuries later, Ashera is prematurely awoken from a slumber meant to last a thousand years only to find beorc and laguz fighting each other once again. She passes judgment on them all, and turns most of them to stone. However, a few resilient warriors manage to remain unaffected, and with Yune's aid, they set forth to stop Ashera. At the end of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, Ashera is defeated, and Yune vanishes as well.

An unspecified time after Ashera's defeat, she and Yune merge back together into Ashunera, and the goddess is once again able to look after the world in peace.

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