"A single Madman" bug - assassins black flag

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I've run into a bug in the single player. I'm playing Memory 7 called "A single Madman". I have to kill Julian Du Casse. The objectives tell me to "Reach the jungles exit", which I have, but the game doesn't register it. I've snuck all around town, I've been on the Spanish Galleon, killed its crew and wiped out the town, even gone back and killed everybody in the jungle, but it won't register that I've reached the jungles exit.

Any ideas?


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Sorry couldn't be arsed to watch the vid, but keep in mind when they say "reach the jungle exit" they really mean reach the specific checkpoint. Look for the blue spot on the minimap, or you might have borked it good by missing a checkpoint and killing someone you shouldn't have yet (Du Casse is on the galleon).

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I had a similar problem in the same area. For me, only half the textures for the big ship loaded in, so after I killed all his men, I couldn't get in the galleon to kill Du Casse. I had to restart the level which was annoying, but it eventually worked.

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I had this happen on a different PS3, though I was still able to assassinate Du Casse and end the mission.

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