You play as connor's assassin\pirate grandfather.

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#51 Posted by Turtlebird95 (2609 posts) -

Can you eat a Devil's Fruit and gain cool super powers?

#52 Posted by Barrock (3553 posts) -

The ship battles were a highlight of 3. Can't wait.

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Unfortunately they'll be tied down by the Assassin's Creed lore. I wish this was a new IP using the Creed engine but I guess brand recognition reigns supreme, and I guess rightfully so until it becomes Guitar hero'd.

#54 Posted by GERALTITUDE (3535 posts) -

Haven't been able to compel myself to play through ACIII yet but the naval stuff is great.

#55 Posted by SathingtonWaltz (2053 posts) -

I love the fuck out of the first Assassins Creed, but the series has kind of become like Kingdom Hearts for me now. Everything is just so far out fucking ridiculous now lore wise that I really have no interest in the series anymore. I still should play ACII though...

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I hope we can get a next gen version of sid meier's pirates if we do I would by that game in a heart beat

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@morrow: It's a very disappointing game. The first 6 hours are basically tutorial, some missions WERE plain broken, people like George Washington showed up very briefly, and the ending was a giant piece of shit and a slap to the face. But it has a good side! The game looks gorgeous, running and climbing is really fluid, killing animations were cool, Haytham was a good character, there's a lot to do for completionists, and the Naval missions are fun. But the ending just ruins everything.

@yummylee said:

So is this the same AC that's supposed to carry the annual AC releases? Or will they actually take their time with this one? To release the next big numbered AC game with a new main character and settings within a year... even if it turns out they developed this alongside AC3 or something, can't help but be cautious.

Reports/rumors are going around that this is going to be released in Q1(?) 2013. In other words, it's coming out before March 2014. In other, other words, expect it this October.

Also, yes. There was a Pirates of the Carribean game that was cancelled, sadly. :/ Linky

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@morrow: over the course of the game the modern day stuff builds and builds to something promising but then greatly falls flat on its ass which is extremely disappointing.

the stuff with connor i thought was good connor is an ok character,

but the villians in this history timeline i thought were the best in the series and really thread a moral greyline, they arent the typical cookie-cutter ima bad guy type of villian,

other than that its the things you expect out of an assassins creed game, the game looks great, the animations are great, the side missions even though u have to seek those out, are actually really good, and the naval ship stuff is awesome,

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Fuck yes, been waiting for a pirate game.

I want a pirate game too, just not one made by Ubisoft.

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I'll probably play this on the PS4.

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I wonder if Desmond is in this some way considering how shitty the ending to his storyline was, just so terrible. I liked Connor though, his story was alright

Also this is not surprising whatsoever, all that ship combat that was pretty fun in AC3 is coming back

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I don't know what to make of this. I actual returned AC3 before I opened it because of the poor reception it received from fans. If they address the issues that made three such a disappointment, I'll be up to getting back into the series. I just don't know if they'll have time to address them or if they'll want to considering how well this series continues to sell.I'll wait for reviews before making a decision.

On a funny note. I knew this game was going to be announced later this week because I work at a local retail store and we received some materials for the game's upcoming announcement. We weren't even allowed to open the packages yet. So following procedures, we store the materials in the supervisors office for safe keeping. I clock out and go home. Not 5 minutes after I get home and go on the web, do I see that someone, working at another store that received the materials, has already leaked pictures of it to Kotaku. Awesome... and they wonder why publishers are cagey about working with retailers for marketing promotions.

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@pyromagnestir said:

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@somedelicook said:

I'm a bit confused, is the thread title saying you are playing as Connor's assassin, or that his grandfather is an assassin and a pirate?

Connor is really a time traveler, so he is his own grandfather and he's also a pirate and he assassinates himself. Spoilers.


A common misconception! Connor is not a time lord, but in fact was only conceived on the Tardis. However he can still regenerate. Also his grandmother is a Vogon. And she drove a Delorean.

Indeed... in fact, Altair, Ezio, Edward, Haytham, Connor and Desmond are the same man. Just different incarnations.

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It sounds dumb to me but I haven't played 3 so maybe one of the few great things were the boating and stuff

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At this point I don't even care how they explain the "Why pirates?" question because what they did at the end of AC3 was so fucking stupid that I don't give an eff about the overarching plot anymore. AC3 was a very flawed game with some of the worst mission design of the series (no matter how fancy you dress up turrent sequences, they are still turrent sequences) but there also was a lot to like especially the naval stuff.

So if they can design an interesting pirate game I'm all for it and honestly don't care if they slap the AC brand on it. Still, I would really like to see a samurai/ninja AC where I actually have the option to approach a situation stealthy instead of being the clumsiest "I guess I'm gonna kill everyone now" assassin alive.

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I don't know. My first reaction at the setting and character is that this game sounds really boring. Maybe I'll change my mind as we hear more.

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The official announcement and details of this game will be on Monday March 4th at 12p.m. EST.

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