Anyone Having Trouble Staying In a Game at Night?

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I've been trying to play the multiplayer on this, and I generally have an easy time finding and playing through an entire game, unless it's passed 11PM PDT, then in a few minutes every game I get into ends after a few minutes. Am I just having bad luck or is anyone else experiencing this? 
Edit: For those who aren't good with time zones, it's around an hour and a half from before this edit says.

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 Are you playing on PS3, 360, or PC?
I have a lot of trouble getting into games on the 360 but I rarely end up in games that are almost over.  The lag usually gets unbearable once it gets late, though. 

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@WarlordPayne: 360. I have experienced some atrocious lag, but I can usually get into a game, even a new one, just fine. It just kicks me out and says I was disconnected from the host either a few minutes in, or just before the "final results" screen shows.

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