Is nobody playing this on PC?

#1 Posted by rflx (599 posts) -

So I've had AC:Brotherhood for about a month or so, having fun with the campaign up until now.
I've now decided to go have some fun in the multiplayer, so I went and started it up and tried to join a game, but nothing. It's just stuck searching for players. I think it found 2 out of 6 players after having left it searching for other people for about 15 minutes.
What's up? Did nobody get this for PC or what?

#2 Posted by KaosAngel (14251 posts) -

Everyone who wanted this game wanted it for the plot.  So they either bought it or watched it on YouTube last year. 

#3 Posted by coaxmetal (1779 posts) -

Well I have been playing it on single player on PC, and its fantastic, but I haven't tried to get into MP yet either.

Its a good PC release, its just unfortunate it came so late.
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i am wallowing and bathing in its campaign, the AC1 vibe is making me fucking love it

however ive no interest in trying the multiplayer.. no time and no interest. when i beat the SP, i'll see 
#5 Posted by rflx (599 posts) -

Well, I too got it for the singleplayer campaign, but I'm astounded that nobody at all is playing it online. I've never seen something like that happen before, even with the older more obscure games in my list.
Quite discouraging.

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On Xbox Live there was a bug where sometimes you couldn't connect to a match even though there were servers available. This may not be relevant to the PC version but I'd retry a few more times before reaching conclusions.

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Check out the forums, there are alot of people who have it working (i never have problem finding a game) but there are also a lot who are having problems.  They have a lot of tips for fixing it.

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@rflx: I am playing this on PC, and I'm playing the multiplayer religiously.

If you want a Manhunt partner, or Alliance partner, or just want to mess around in Wanted/Assassinate, let me know! PM me here, or add me in the friends thing. I'm "IgnisPhase1" there.
I would like to update the PC directory thing soon, but I don't think anybody has been playing this MP on PC in the giant bomb community. Otherwise, I'll try to start up a weekly session we can all start messing around in.
#9 Posted by salad10203 (670 posts) -

Also, make sure you are using play now with player matches, that will get you into a match in seconds (for me)

#10 Posted by Angie_981 (128 posts) -

hey guys is anybody currently still playing ACB on PC?

#11 Posted by misterhaan (264 posts) -

i just started like a week ago.  not done with single player yet but was hoping to get into multiplayer afterward.

#12 Edited by Angie_981 (128 posts) -
let me know if you're interested in joining an ACB clan,we have a PC division too where people can help you out with the multiplayer  
all you have to do to join the PC side is posting in this forum 
we're getting ready for ACR and we are the Outcast Templars .

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