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#1 Posted by TheDeadComedian (231 posts) -

Yesterday i got in like 8 back to back games with friends, but I can't seem to start any games now. It keeps saying waiting for Abstergo agents when we already have enough, and then people drop out. Is this happening to anyone else?

#2 Posted by DougQuaid (1274 posts) -

Are you using the quick play option or searching for a specific game type?  I haven't had any problems with the game not being able to start, but it does seem to take a bit to get a match going.

#3 Posted by TheDeadComedian (231 posts) -
@DougQuaid: I search for wanted. I like free for all, but I've done both ranked and player. I've been on the dame loading screen for 10 minutes now with people dropping in and out
#4 Posted by Arbie (1449 posts) -

I had it for awhile. Then the server wasn't working and now that it is again I'm not having too many problems. I'm searching for a specific game type (manhunt) atm.

#5 Posted by TheDeadComedian (231 posts) -

Stil no join, this is ridiculous

#6 Posted by OldMainstream (3 posts) -

Same here. I consistently have the game hanging on "waiting for abstergo agents" for several minutes at a time. I hope this is something that Ubi is noticing and is able to fix, either through their servers or a patch to the game.

#7 Posted by blake_brown (117 posts) -

yeah, for the last two days i have not been able to join a game.  i get to the "waiting for abstergo agents" screen and that's it.

#8 Posted by punchkick (26 posts) -

I know this thread is a couple days old, but I'm still seeing this problem (hanging at "Waiting for Abstergo Agents" and never starting the game)  Anyone else having problems, or know what the issue is?

#9 Posted by CptPanda29 (189 posts) -

Generally if it doesn't choose a map after 6 join, it isn't going to work. Just go back to the menu and try again.

#10 Posted by Sackmanjones (4682 posts) -

Dont ask me what time zone but they said this morning around 7 they were doing sever maintenence to fix all this stuff

#11 Posted by TheMasterDS (2044 posts) -

So that Multiplayer Beta then? I guess it was just a glorified demo, and didn't help them sort out their shit. It's a shame, because I do think the game is cool, but it needs to be better about getting me into a game. 

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@punchkick said:
" I know this thread is a couple days old, but I'm still seeing this problem (hanging at "Waiting for Abstergo Agents" and never starting the game)  Anyone else having problems, or know what the issue is? "
This is a problem that is endemic to the multiplayer mode of AC:BH, it's not something that you can really "do" anything about though. However, I have noticed that if someone goes "AFK", this generally clogs the game up: since the person isn't joining the game, it will just sit there until they volunteer to leave (since there's no autostart or kick option). It's possible that when you are selecting the "Quick Start" option (as I do) you're actually just perpetually rejoining this same game (with the absent jackass who didn't exit the game). 
That's my theory, but it's likely only one issue amongst the many that appear to have materialized with the game's multiplayer mode.
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The MP portion of the game has way too many vague mechanics IMO.  A little more information on the joining process, the difference between ranked, player match and quick match, and some of the actual game mechanics like stun and how sometimes a dude leaps at me horizontally from 50 feet away when I have to be up someone's ass to kill them.
The method of being targeted is bullshit as well.  I can understand being hunted by one or more when you're in the top 3, but having multiple people on me when I'm fucking dead last is adding insult to injury.  It must be purely random how it works since I've been number 1 with no one targeting me and number 8 with 3.  The fact that you also get a hunter assigned to you that is right next to you is just as lame.  I can see how just making everything in terms of targeting random makes it easier to balance and harder to exploit, but it also feels like it's a lazy move and ends up making the multiplayer much more based on luck than any kind of skill.

#14 Posted by Timing (619 posts) -

So what often happens to me when I try to play this with a friend, is during the searching process we get either get split into separate games, or only he gets in and I'm stuck in the waiting screen for all eternity. This... kind of defeats the purpose of creating a group, doesn't it? And also, it sucks.
Anyway, I was looking forward to partaking in tonight's TNT, but with these problems I'd probably slow everything down terribly.

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