List of cool new moves and abilities

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Thought it would be a good idea to list the new abilties in Brotherhood! So just post anything thats new, from animation to new weapon finishers, and how to do them! I'll start! 
De-equip your weapons and hit X (on xbox) behind someone to do a bare-handed kill stealth kill, the HUD still says punch, so dont wait for it to change to assassinate, anyhoo so far I've seen a necksnap and a curb stomp, VERY brutal!! 
I'll post more as I think of em, but heres to you guys!! :D
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Ok I'll do ya another! When in a combo with the longsword equipped (gun as secondary), after an execution instead of pressing X and a direction towards a dude, hold it and Ezio will just stick his hand out to finish the guy off!! SO stylish!! :D
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How do you set ranged weapons as secondary? I've seen the little icons above the weapons but don't know how to switch them. If it's even possible?

You can now put whatever weapon or item you want into the four D-Pad quick slots. Bring up the weapon wheel, hover over the item you want, and press and hold the direction and you'll change it.
You can pretty much do an assassinate with any weapon at close range, just walk up with the weapon out and hit X on an unsuspecting guard. You can take a civilian's broom and kill a guy with it (it's an achievement, and awesome as hell, especially when you start countering and chaining kills because it's a fucking broom). I've seen people fishing, maybe you can take the fishing pole (only saw it once though) and kill dudes with that? I know what I need to try next now.

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@Capum15 said:
"  You can take a civilian's broom and kill a guy with it (it's an achievement, and awesome as hell, especially when you start countering and chaining kills because it's a fucking broom). "
I can't wait to do that! 
I like this thread.
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I just really like being able to dye my cape separately. It's pretty small, but nice none the less. Also feathers and flags show up on the map when you go in and out of eagle vision sometimes. I don't think they did that in AC2.

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@Erzs:  I saw it in an achievement hunter video (I watch every single one just because of the two guys commentating, I love it) and had to try it myself. Naturally, I forgot, but after some wandering around I saw someone sweeping and remembered, "Oh yeah, I can kill dudes with this." Cue face smashing. It's great.

I can't really think of anything else that could be posted in here...

Oh, right, you can take heavy weapons (or at least longswords and axes) and throw them into guards. You can also now buy a Heavy Sheath and keep heavy weapons on you (though they replace normal swords/maces). So you can throw a longsword into a guard, pick it up, sheath it and run away.

Also, the new crossbow is completely silent, like throwing knives, except it's always a one-hit kill. You can also target enemies really fast now. It's perfect for taking out rooftop guards from range. Poison is now also long-range. It's just as silent as the Crossbow, but takes a while longer to kill. There's apparently a "fast poison", though I haven't found friggin' Aconite in my 24 hours (and after searching every chest on the map sans the Vatican & Castello) to complete the shop quest to unlock it. My guess is it kills guys faster.

The "Jump Climb" glove you can buy from a certain someone also lets you deal (apparently, I haven't noticed it personally but it says it does) more fist-damage.

There might be something new with the throwing knives, but I barely use them anymore (Crossbow ftw!).

And finally, anyone who's played has most likely figured it out, but do not be afraid of spamming Crossbow Bolts, Bullets or Throwing Knives, as guards drop them by the bucket-full. Same with Medicine. Poison and Smoke Bombs drop a little less frequently, but still quite often. The devs really wanted you to be able to kill guys at maximum efficiency.
@RavenX302: I've noticed the Feathers/Flags thing too, it's interesting.
Also, don't sell the items you pick up as soon as you can, there are Shop Quests which use (most of) them. Chests and certain people will drop those items. Your Assassin Contracts will also bring in some items if they succeed in the mission.
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crossbow takes about 3 shots to kill elite. i also seems that the guards are more likely to drop the ammo you killed them with. the quick poison is for you hidden blade poison and is at the doctor in mem 3 i think. and you still cant throw knifes up o down much. and one last thing be careful throwing your weapon if you pick up another your stuck with it unless it can be thrown. lost my sword that way 8(

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