Need some hints regarding the Roman Forum feather

#1 Posted by KneelBeforeZott (40 posts) -

I can't reach the damn feather near the Roman Forum – when I try to jump from the wide wall (the one consisting of a couple of mini arc-like structures) to the "stumpy" pillar I always fall.  :(  Little help, hints or suggestions, please?    It's the last feather I need, I had no issues getting the other 9. 
Thanks in advance!

#2 Posted by Ezlo (57 posts) -

I think that is the one you need an upgrade from Leonardo to get. Could be mistaken though.

#3 Posted by KneelBeforeZott (40 posts) -
@Ezlo: The parachute?
#4 Posted by Wuddel (2297 posts) -

Also can not get this. I tried some parachuting, but still no success.

#5 Posted by SlowHands (366 posts) -

Is this the one that you have to upgrade the aqueduct to reach?  Try looking around for an architect, that might help. 

#6 Posted by sharkeh (75 posts) -

Also remember you won't always grab ledges automatically, try manually hitting the grab button when you reach the ledge if you haven't already.

#7 Posted by dudeglove (9110 posts) -

You probably need to fix the aqueduct.  You can get on to the aqueduct easily from a Borgia tower further along. You could always look up youtube though...
For instance Achievementhunter has 10 videos for the feather locations, here's #1
Look through the related vids to find whatever one you're having trouble with.

#8 Posted by KneelBeforeZott (40 posts) -

@dudeglove: the feather in question is video #8, and "his" Ezio had no problems with falling.  Looks like sharkeh is on to something there… 
Thanks for the input, guys!  

#9 Posted by Omelet_Pants (189 posts) -

You need to get on an elevated structure that is nearby, then parachute onto one of the pillars.  The elevated structure is on the little mountain/hill next to the pillars.  That's how I did it.

#10 Posted by Korwin (3320 posts) -

It's really hard to land, something tells me the grab points aren't quite as tuned as most.  Took me about 12 attempts to get but you can reach it from there... it's just a bit dodgy.

#11 Posted by KneelBeforeZott (40 posts) -

The hint to hit "grab" was key – feather acquired. 
Thanks again for the help, that feather was driving me nuts.  Also, thanks for being polite about it.  I had forgotten there were boards where you aren't called a noob when asking a question…  :)
Big ups, playas.

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