People still playing this game

#1 Posted by gerp (244 posts) -

I was about to get this from somebody and the multiplayer looked cool when it was on TNT just wanted to know if there are still people playing 360. Also if there really good.

#2 Posted by Hunkulese (2968 posts) -


#3 Posted by Deadmanforking (584 posts) -

Yes, last time I played it (around 9 or so days ago) there were quite alot of dudes still playing. And yes, there was alot of really good people, aswell as a ton of shit people.

#4 Posted by Mr_Skeleton (5195 posts) -

I played about two months ago, there were a few but not many.

#5 Posted by theodacourt (588 posts) -

Aw I loved the multiplayer! I don't know why I didn't play it more. Maybe I'll get into it again with revelations.

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