Why I believe ACIII should NOT be mainly modern in time setting.

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#101 Posted by tsolless (481 posts) -

I don't think guns would be a problem with good gameplay mechanics. Anyone play Hitman? That game had tons of different guns, but no one ever used them. Using guns would cause all of the guards to become alerted (because noise was a factor) and once guards started shooting at you, you would die very quickly. Just make noise a factor and make it so that enemy guns are realistically deadly, and it's easy to set up situations that don't feel contrived where you don't want to use guns, while still having the option. I don't want to see it be like Mirror's Edge though, guns ruined that game.
I think modern city layout is the biggest concern. True, smaller European cities and certain sections of bigger, old ones do have a good layout, but not the majority. The villa outisde of the animus in Brotherhood was amazingly well done though, so I think Ubisoft could do it.

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#102 Edited by iKANNIBAL (602 posts) -
@JoeRiccadonna said:

" @iKANNIBAL said:

"I'm shocked they havn't made one of Desmond's Ancestors a Spartan yet D: infact you know that maybe a little plausible IF Assassin's Creed 3 will  have Desmond back in the Animus that is which i don't think it will, it would make sense considering Greeks discovering Italy/The Etruscans, and then there is the whole Greeks conquering the Southern part of Italy.  You know they could do that, and instead of having Da Vinci as a homie, we could kick it with Alexander the great or Spartacus, FTW! I also wouldn't mind Japan or China, but that would probably have to be done in Assassin's Creed 4 when Desmond's story is over as Japan & China didn't have anything to do with the Mediterranean. Desmond having a Japanese ancestor would be a WTF?! lol. "

Wait, how would Desmond visting his greek ancestors have him hanging out with Spartacus??? Spartacus was a Gladiator. Not a Spartan. Are you thinking about Leonadius (Spelling is wrong I know)?  Anyway I would love for them to have done it in Roman Era and have your character start off as a Gladiator while the Emperor is a Templar. But, I can't see them doing that. If they do go back to the animus I have a feeling it might be like American Revolution time period. "
I am well aware that Spartacus was a slave in Italy and not Greece :P
What i meant by mentioning him with Alexander the Great is, either one of those settings would make sense considering Greece's huge cultural influence and genetic contribution to modern day Italy. it would be cool to have either one of the settings somewhere BC Greece & Rome, mainly because of all the wars, conquering, revolts, & secks. Also if you consider the Assassins Creed mythos, the whole conspiracy shit? they could do a lot with Greek/Roman mythology incorporating it into the assassins creed lore, i mean didn't the "beings" in ACII claim they were mistaken for Gods before?
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#103 Posted by Dany (8018 posts) -

Assassins Creed can be in the modern day, but not in a monder city with skyscrapers. I have not played brotherhood yet but from what I gather desmond is in the villa for awhile so their is nothing to really stop him from heading to cities whose architecture is not a massive hurdle. It might have to come with the cost of not getting to big named cities but I think it could work for hte better

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#104 Posted by TheMaxMeister (123 posts) -
@President_Barackbar said:
" @TheMaxMeister said:
" @President_Barackbar said:
" @TheMaxMeister said:
" I could definitely see myself enjoying a modern time Assassin's Creed. There are many ways to restrict gun usage in a setting where guns are widely available. "
But then it would just be Splinter Cell with an emphasis on killing. "
No it would not; it would be like Assassin's Creed 2, in a modern setting. The two series don't have all that much in common if you actually think about it. In Assassin's Creed, there's no hiding in the shadows, no cover, no shooting (no manual aiming). The game is open world, all about blending in, and more recently, has an economy system.  I don't see any basis for your comment. "
I love how you basically ignored that Splinter Cell: Conviction played a lot more like AC. You basically decided to shit on my comment without really being constructive at all. Bravo. "
Splinter Cell conviction is nothing like Assassin's Creed. And that's what I was saying. SC is all about forward momentum, and getting through tons of guys to accomplish the objective of the day. AC is all about blending in, and killing the least amount of people before getting to your target. You're comparing a linear shooting game with an open world closed quarter combat game. These are just some of the difference. Everything I said holds up for SC Conviction. You're still hiding in the dark. Plus, out of all the SC games, it's the closest to a traditional Third Person Shooter with the new cover mechanic. 
I didn't give you any constructive criticism not because I have something against you, or think that you're stupid, but simply because I don't agree with you on this particular subject. I can clearly see that I offended you in some way, and so I apologise. I didn't "shit" all over your comment though.
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#105 Posted by rma56 (2 posts) -
@TheMaxMeister: A modern AC game would play too much like Conviction, get over it. It's a stupid idea for a video game. Why don't we just have a forum on why we do not allow gamers to make creative decisions in video game development?
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#106 Posted by Ender_Obitus (64 posts) -
@TheMaxMeister: See max its people like you that make me love giantbomb... civil,  reasoned, thoughts and statements.... 
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#107 Posted by RsistncE (4499 posts) -

All I know is that if they don't update the gameplay and/or engine in any meaningful way I'm not even sure if I'll buy it. I ended up trudging through AC:B just because I wanted to know what happened next in the story.

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#108 Posted by Cirdain (3704 posts) -

I think a travelling samurai or ninja somin' would work quite well.

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