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Assassin’s creed: Brotherhood Review 0

A quality of many great video games is there ability to make the player feel like a total bad-ass. Assassin’s creed II is one of these rare games that had the ability to make you feel like a bad-ass and therefore when the time to pick up the sequel came around just a year after its predecessor it was inevitable that I would pick up a copy. The beginning of the games starts with Ezio right were he was at the end of the last game, deep inside the Vatican. A quick recap of the controls with your ...

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Checking under the Hood you'll see some problems... 0

I've been a fan of the AC series since the first game. So it was only natural for me to grab a copy of Brotherhood. Though what I got was kind of a mixed bag...  The game picked up literally seconds after the events of AC2. Desmond and company has hit the road after the Templars, while in the Animus, Ezio has confronted his nemesis and discovered the secret hidden beneath the Vatican and must escape. Returning players from AC2 will pick up immediately on where the plot picks up. However, newcome...

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Live by the Creed, Recruit by The Creed 0

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood is pretty much a direct sequel to AC:II. Things pick up right after the end of the of that game, and without giving anything away, just know that you’ll be controlling the Assassin  Ezio Auditore da Firenze once again and for certain bits Desmond as each get closer to obtaining the information they are seeking.   Hungry for Apples    The mysterious Apple of Eden is an item that everyone seems to be interested in Brotherhood. It’s mysterious power could turn the tide...

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AC: Brotherhood Review 0

  It has only been a year since the last Assassin title and know with a large emphasis on team mates and multiplayer is there enough to make this a must buy on your holiday list or is it just a quick cash in.      This game’s is a continuation of Ezio’s story, starting off with a quick recap of the first two games and then quickly getting back into the game play by starting just before the final cut scene in the second game ends. While they do a job of getting the overall idea of the game it wi...

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Death from Above 0

I have always been interested in the Assassin's Creed franchise but wasn't sold at all till the second instalment. When I found out the next game in the series would be set in the same location as the second I wasn't entirely happy but what comes from this choice is a refinement on everything that made Assassin's Creed 2 great.  Surprisingly Brotherhood has a fully fledged single player that picks up straight after the ending of Assassin's Creed 2. You start as Desmond Miles in the back of a tru...

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A little buggy, but still a great experience 1

Just to start, this is my first review... So moving past that, lets get on with it shall we?  I have been a huge fan of the Assassin's creed series since AC1 was released. Even though many people were bothered to see this franchise was actually a sci-fi game, staring Desmond, I've always been intrigued by the over-arching plot line. Assassin's Creed 2 made huge, huge, huge improvements to the series, and Brotherhood only further's the improving series. There are so many little additions to the g...

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"Everything... is permitted" 0

I'm of the belief that realistic expectations for Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood would be low expectations.  Here we have the third game in a still inconsistent franchise released only a year after the monumentally improved Assassin's Creed 2 with the crux of its marketing campaign being placed on a multiplayer component.  It's true, AC2 was a gigantic step forward from the ambitious, but wholly disappointing Assassin's Creed, but the developers at Ubisoft risked souring that good will by dishing...

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Believe it or not, the game has issues 0

        I must be playing a different Assassin’s Creed franchise than everyone else. I mean, this can’t possibly be the game that was a runner-up for game of the year on Giant Bomb and received positive reviews almost universally (even from Destructoid who gained infamy for giving Assassin’s Creed II a 4.5 out of 10). I’m going to be blunt about this: Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood is not a great game. Hell, I can barely consider it a decent game. Some interesting new mechanics, solid characters, ...

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A very well crafted stop-gap worthy of your time and money. 0

Ezio´s trek through renaissance italy and his struggle to overthrow the Borgia is a journey that once again casts a shadow over Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. Because unlike the entry that preceeded it (Assassin's Creed II) Brotherhood is more of a diversion too keep fans busy prior to a possible fullbodied third game, thankfully, its a really good diversion. Not only does Brotherhood add meaningful improvements and additions to the table but also introduces a multiplayer component too boot, on ...

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Great game for history geeks 0

Keep in mind, the Assassin's Creed franchise is definitely the one that made me become a gamer. With a broad array of challenges, immersive gameplay and an intriguing storyline, I didn't think the AC series could get better. Brotherhood takes the best elements of AC2 (advanced weapons and controls, renaissance Italy setting and storyline) and layers on social gaming elements in a seemless way. I've already lost one weekend due to this game, and I'm sure to lose many more as more DLC becomes...

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Celebrate the New One by Playing The Older One! 0

Yes, at the time of my writing, Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag has shipped for 360 and PS3. While all of those nice people get to enjoy it, I have to wait until the good ol' PS4 launch to play. Lucky bastards. So, instead I will review the third game in the series, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood.Picking up seconds after the ending of Assassin's Creed 2, Ezio has just had his mind blown down in the vault. He didn't understand what he saw, and he seems to just want to forget about the vault. Excep...

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Da Boyz in da Brotherhood are Always Hard 0

 Lets get one thing out of the way if you do not like the Assassin’s Creed series you will not like Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, and no matter what I say in this review it will not make a difference so you can move along to the next article. OK, now that is taken care of let me start the review. I have always liked the Assassin's Creed series but it has not grabbed me in the way it has other people. Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood almost turned me into a believer. The mission design is the best ...

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You broke my heart Ezio, you broke my heart 0

Normally, I tend to scoff at gamers who say a game was a big disappointment. A lot of them expect the moon and even the slightest fault and the game is seen as inferior or not quite what they thought it was going to be. Every game (for the most part) tends to have its merits; its shining moments that break through the other idiosyncrasies the game can carry. So it was a good position I was in that I wasn't massively hyped for Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, the "Assassin's Creed 2.5" if you will....

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All Good in tha Hood 0

The Assassin's Creed franchise has enjoyed a speedy accent into AAA franchise status with Assassin's Creed 2. Now comes Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, a sort of "2.5" released only 1 year later. Touting the addition of multiplayer and the ability to control a guild of assassins, AC Brotherhood was largely viewed by critics and myself as a cash grab with little in the way of true progression. Boy, was I wrong. Brotherhood picks up moments after the final scenes of AC2 and jumps right into the sto...

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Back to Stabbing We Go 0

 With Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood being released just one year after Assassin's Creed 2, it was a concern how full of a package Ubisoft Montreal could deliver. Would it only add a couple hours of single player experience to fill up some side story? Would it focus all of its strengths on the new multiplayer mode? Was it just going to be a quick cash in off of AC2's success? Gladly and assuringly the answer to all of these questions is no. Brotherhood adds a new, fully fledged story complete wit...

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Like stabbing dudes? Then you should probably play this. 0

 There was a lot of rumor leading up to the games release that this would be a multiplayer centric chapter in an otherwise entirely singleplayer focused franchise.Thankfully this is not the case and while the game does include a fairly enjoyable multiplayer experience, it is but a small piece of a fairly sizable puzzle. Assassins Creed: Brotherhood is a direct continuation of the last game.I don't think I'd recommend playing this without having played it, though you could read up the plot o...

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When in Rome 0

Following precisely from where Ezio’s last escapade left off, Assassins’ Creed Brotherhood plunges the player into a series of explosive opening sequences which lays the path for the Assassins’ new struggle against the Borgia armies. Whereas the previous games allowed entrance to multiple cities, Brotherhood reduces its number of sandbox playgrounds to focus exclusively on the city of Rome, and what a beautifully orchestrated environment that is. The area is allotted with familiar details you’ve...

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The best yet - Brotherhood delivers on all fronts 0

I enjoy the Assassin's Creed games.  I don't love them, but I don't hate them, and I generally think that there are a lot of things that they do well, on top of a lot of things that are maybe not so great.  Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood is more or less a continuation of that, but I have to admit that it is one of the most well executed and complete packages that has come out of this monster franchise.  Brotherhood further continues the story of Ezio Auditore da Firenze, everyone's favorite stree...

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Really Iterative Game Design 1

 Multiplayer is brought to a game that seems really not well-suited to it. How well does it fare?First off, this game is a direct sequel to Assassin's Creed II. Literally, a total direct sequel. If you didn't play AC II, you likely will not really get this story at all. The Borgia family (who, historically, basically owned the papacy for a long time) has basically come back and almost wiped out the Auditore family stronghold. They seized the Apple of Eden and it's up to Ezio to retrieve it...

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My landlord, the assassin 1

So lets start this review for Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood by talking about the end of Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. And I won’t spoil the ending, except to say the ending sucks. Then again, the ending for every Assassin’s Creed game sucks. All of the games end with a horrible cliffhanger, asking players to pipe over $60 to find out what happens in the next game (and presumably to be left with another horrible cliffhanger, forever caught in a cycle of cliffhangers.) I begrudgingly accep...

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The Brotherhood welcomes you with open arms! 0

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood to most will seem like a cash-in for Ubisoft to some, a multi-player experiment to others.  At the end of the day, Brotherhood offers a lengthy, quality single-player experience much like it's predecessor before it, and a unique multi-player mode with a progression system similar to systems found in "other" games.   Brotherhood starts of right after the end of Assassin's Creed II.   The protagonist also returns from the second game in the franchise, Ezio Auditore.   ...

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Cool Game 2

Great game, fun, great campaign. However not much replay-ability once your done :(                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ...

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Rome Wasn't Built in a... Well You Know the Rest 0

If you haven't played Assassin's Creed yet you are missing out on an entertaining series. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is the sequel to Assassin's Creed II so if you haven't gotten around to playing ACII yet, you probably should before moving on to ACB. If you don't care then ACB is a good enough game as any to start playing. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is pretty much like ACII but improves on the game in many ways.ACB takes directly after the events of ACII. Desmond and his chums are still hun...

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This is a PSA: Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood is a full AC Sequel 0

Let me start off by saying that Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood is a full on sequel to AC2. Ubisoft really shot themselves in the foot by only focusing on the multiplayer aspect of the game, because the single player campaign is just as long and involved as all the other games. There’s never a moment where this game feels like a level pack shoved out a year after AC2. People have that impression because of the multiplayer focused marketing and the fact that you still play Ezio Auditore from AC2. ...

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Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted 0

Ubisoft seem to be fast becoming my favourite company, with Assassin's Creed becoming my favourite franchise. I'm not normally a fan of sandbox games: I follow story progression and tend to miss out on side-quests and collectibles. None of this is true for the Assassin's Creed games. I do have them all, granted a bit later than most big fans, but that doesn't mean I think any less of them - just that I can't afford new games when they're new.  While being a new game, Brotherhood doesn't have man...

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XBOX 360 Review: Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood 0

Assassin's Creed was a good game marred by many overt flaws that hindered players enjoyment. It's sequel Assassin's Creed II took all the criticisms to heart and delivered what in my mind was the single best game to be released in 2009. Gone were the tedious “investigations” and extremely long travel times from city to city and in its place was an action title that made you feel like more of a bad ass than Kratos in the God of War series and it was all wrapped around an engrossing narrative th...

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A good title for both AC fans and new gamers alike. 0

Single-player review. Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood is a direct sequel to 2009’s Assassin’s Creed II. The game literally takes place moments after the ending of Assassin’s Creed II. Players familiar with the Assassin’s Creed franchise will notice immediately that the core mechanics of the game are largely the same but with the addition of more abilities and features. Players will still use R1+X to scale walls or R1+square to initiate counter-attacks and so on. This game is pretty much the Assass...

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Jump back into Ezio's slightly improved world 0

After celebrating all of the great things the first Assassin’s Creed did back when it first came out, and then having my jaw hit the floor at how much better Assassin’s Creed II was, My thoughts coming into this game were, “No way can they top the second one in any meaningful way.” Well guess what my friends, they have done the impossible. The improvements may not make your jaw drop as they did in 2, but Brotherhood still delivers a better experience. There is a lot of juicy depth to this title ...

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Enjoyable, but the improvements over II are somewhat minor 0

In 2009, Ubisoft shocked the gamers of the world by releasing one of the greatest sequels of all time, Assassins’ Creed 2.   It was a huge, unexpected step forward in an industry that is riddled with lazy big publishers crapping out sequels like cheap toys rolling off of an assembly line.   It would have been borderline impossible for Ubisoft to one-up themselves again like that for Assassins’ Creed – Brotherhood.   It should come as no surprise to you then that this game, which came out onl...

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Refined Stabbing 0

  Just a year after the spectacular "Assassin's Creed 2," Ubisoft Montreal has served up an equal, if not superior product, with "Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood." While the lack of an almighty and legitimizing numeral in the title of this entry might suggest "Brotherhood" is an offshoot, this is far from the case. Instead, "Brotherhood" delivers a fully developed story that takes place immediately after the events of "Assassin's Creed 2," as well as an ambitious multiplayer mode unl...

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Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood 0

I was a bit surprised by the two year gap between the original Assassin's Creed and the second game when so many franchises these days focus on the yearly schedule, but it didn't take too long for Ubisoft to decide to annualize it. While II jumped the series forward in time a few hundred years (for the bulk of the gameplay, anyway) and used a new main character, Brotherhood is a direct continuation of that character's story, with the added hook of a significant team-building element in th...

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Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Review: Desynchronised 0

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is effectively a sequel to Assassin's Creed 2. You play as Ezio again in the animus parts and Desmond in the present day scenario, and the game picks off directly from where Assassin's Creed 2 leaves off. The story begins with Ezio returning to his villa, but events quickly conspire to drag him back into his battle with the powerful Borgia family while in the present day Desmond and Lucy attempt to foil the modern day templars. After the initial events of the game, w...

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An AC game to die for 0

 If you’re familiar with the Assassin’s Creed series, you’ll probably remember that the first game was… divisive. While the premise of the game was enticing, some found that the execution was lacking. Complaints of repetitive quests, not enough content, and a generally disappointing presentation compared to what was promised left a lot of people closely watching the game disappointed. With the release of Assassin’s Creed II, it seemed that Ubisoft had taken the criticism of the fir...

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Same Game, Same Frustrations 0

This is now the third game in the Assassin's Creed series and I have stuck through these games so far mainly for the storyline. The overall arch that Ubisoft has developed here with a broad conspiracy theory spanning hundreds of years is incredibly engaging. Their ability to weave in details to actual history is nothing short of brilliant when you see it in play. This third game in the series keeps trading along with the same mechanics and gameplay that we have essentially seen for the past few ...

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Not Game of the Year, Not Even Close 2

This game reminded me of Assassin's Creed 1 all to much. I'm very glad I only gave it a rental, because it has the same flaws that have driven me to dislike this series. So where to start, well I'm always a big critic of the story lines in videogames, so lets go there. Story/Characters: Surprisingly I didn't hate the story in Brotherhood as much as previous games, while it was dry and rather boring, it was still imaginative at times and kept me entertained up until the end where I decided I was ...

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Still Worth It Even Though It Should Have Been Better 0

The main problem with playing the Assassin's Creed series on Windows rather than a console is that there isn’t really much effort put into translating to what’s available in that environment.  As with previous games in the series controlling Assassin's Creed Brotherhood with a mouse and keyboard works, but still feels designed for a controller.  The worst offender was toward the end of the game where the unadjustable camera angle was such that you needed to run forward and to the ...

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Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Review 0

Assassin’s Creed is a perfect example of seeing developers learning and refining their game with each iteration. The jump from the original to AC2 was incremental to say the least, and Brotherhood is a total refinement of the improvements they made in that game. That does however, make Brotherhood a little less impressive than its predecessor was and makes the core mechanics which the game is built around age quicker than they would otherwise. The biggest draw in Brotherhood is the story, seei...

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The Definitive Assassin's Creed Experience 0

I really enjoyed Assassin's Creed II and this one improves upon everything, and I mean everything, in that game. If you liked that game, you will love this game. Notable improvements/additions are the Leonardo DaVinci weapon missions, the Assassin training system, the Borgia towers, and the improvements/renovation system. My personal favorite change that makes a huge difference is the kill chaining system whereby you can effortlessly flow from enemy to enemy while taking them down in style. It r...

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Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood: Less Polish, More Desmond 0

If there is one thing Ubisoft can’t be described as, it’s slow. By using several different studios and hundreds of developers, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood was blasted out in 12 months. This short schedule surprised me considering the two-year gap between the first and second games and, to be honest, I didn’t really think a quick release would do the game any favors. I liked that Ubisoft Montreal took two years to polish and refine Assassin’s Creed II, and the change to flamboyant, colorful Ren...

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Rome Wasn't Rendered In A Day 0

Glockstar Armani presents this game with 2 *GLOCKIE* awards for:*GAME MOST PERFECTLY SUITED TO MY TASTES**BEST GAME OF 2010*Seriously, I think that Ubisoft Montreal followed me around my entire life, deduced what kind of game would be perfect for me, and then they made that game and called it "Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood". Here are some of my favorite things in life: time-travel, Ancient Rome, Leonardo Da Vinci, cliffhanger endings, paintings with hidden messages, science-fiction, secret codes...

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