Subject 16 and AC2 ending *SPOILERS!!*

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so... wtf was that all about? for The Truth for subject 16, is showed Adam and Eve, in what appeared to be The Garden of Eden. Didnt the "god" or whatever that thing at the end was say to Ezio, "but they couldnt handle our advanced technology" or something like that?? Also, in The Truth, Adam and Eve were climbing a building, it showed something within the building, what looked like a factory. people were creating things, and a man was holding an Apple of Eden.   
The "god" thing was sending a message to Desmond, to check the Pyramids and get the Apples of Eden. At the end credits, the Templars attack the hideout, so obviously they are still after the Assassins. But your good buddy, Warren is there to try and kill you. You have to fight him and his goons, but they run away, he says "Enjoy your victory Mister Miles, temporary as it is." MORE THAN OBVIOUSLY implying that you will see Warren again.  
You go into a van with Lucy, Shaun, and the other girl (forgot her name). Lucy explains that there is a cabin, and how the Templar is not even the worst of Desmond's problems, but supposively, the sun is. More 2012 crack pot theories? Well anyways, there are just more and more loops in the story now. Who could it be if not the Templars? Could it be the gods? Jupiter, Diana, Neptune, Minerva (the "god" like thing at the end of the game), Apollo, Pluto, and Venus. All 8 are also statues you have to collect in the Villa.
With this being said, in the video, a sequence (sorry if i spelled that wrong) of numbers was displayed. I thought it was binary code, and did some research. The code is:  
01000101  = E
01000100  = D
01000101  = E
01001110    = N 
Ezio's uncle, Mario, before said "Nothing is true, everything is permitted" 
Could the video be of Adam and Eve be some of the first ever assassins?  
 The reason i ask this is because these are recorded files from Subject 16 being an the Animus. So is subject 16's ancestor Adam or Eve?  
Could that video be the origin of Assassin life? To be honest, this is all what i think. None of this could be real, i could be wrong and just making an ass of myself.  
Could someone please help me with this? Tell me what you think about the endings and what you predict. Please let me know, so we can crack some codes for Assassin's Creed 3!

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lol is person "x" ancestor "adam or eve" probably everyones...
Anyway, that thing which made Adam and Eve turn around was probably the solar flare which wiped out their civilization.
" Ezio's uncle, Mario, before said "Nothing is true, everything is permitted" 
So did every Hassassin in Assassins Creed 1...Its just their code, it basically says every situation demands an action which only the one involved can decied at that moment.
Anyway, the story is getting really crazy, I do wonder what will happen in AC3 also, what kind of ancestor will you play?
And btw, about the gameplay, this franchise doesnt feel really like an assassination game, even MGS4 or SC feels more like it. More like a plattformer with a target to kill.

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well, if in AC3, if you do play as an ancestor, then it might be Egyptian, as you hear something about Pyramids. Hopefully you dont play as an ancestor, since Desmond was able to learn how to fight as his assassin ancestors. Learning the skills just to keep playing as an ancestor seems pointless.  
but i must agree, the story is getting amazingly crazy now.

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I'm guessing the next game will be another ancestor, and then the 4th game will be modern day.  Either that or 3 will be mostly in the modern day and a bit in the animus.  idk, I'm just intrigued about what they'll do next.

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The story is crazy and I love it. 
The Truth video shows Adam and Eve, who were the first humans that the Sun-God people created. The Sun-God's way of life is the Templar way, while Humans are Assasins. The Sun-Gods make the Pieces of Eden. Adam and Eve escaped from the Garden, and went of to become the first Assasins. 
Also, I guess the Sun-Gods killed everyone before or something. 
Thats how I understand it. all in all its amazing.
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Actually.. Does Assassins Creed really need all this conspiracy stuff?

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@nnilley: Yes.
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Wasn't Altair an Assassin and the girl he fucked a Templar? What if Adam is an Assassin and Eve a Templar?    

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Just stop me if this sounds crazy.. 
Now at least hear me out on this. 
Could it be, that you, in Assassins Creed 3, oh I don't know, switch between the ancestor and Desmond in the real world?   
Just a thought.. It just seems like it would be a kickass move to make and at the same time it actually makes a hell of a lot of sense. 
Why it makes sense, you ask? 
Maybe juuuust maybe because they did it for the first two games?

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i think it would be best for the AC3 to be in the future and part in the animus desmond trying to stop the templars but fails and he comes back in 4 when the end of the world kicks in saves the day
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@ZeForgotten said:

" Just stop me if this sounds crazy.. Now at least hear me out on this.  Could it be, that you, in Assassins Creed 3, oh I don't know, switch between the ancestor and Desmond in the real world?   Just a thought.. It just seems like it would be a kickass move to make and at the same time it actually makes a hell of a lot of sense. Why it makes sense, you ask? Maybe juuuust maybe because they did it for the first two games? "

It isn't crazy, the Altair segment sets this up (it's said that those that use the Animus can gain an ability to basically use the Animus outside of the Animus).  I think that's logically where the next game goes: Desmond is on the run doing what he does and you are time traveling alongside his action, to where we don't know.  With Subject 16 it seemed to be a bad thing that drove him crazy, at one point he seems to be traveling through time to different points in succession.  It'll be interesting to see what effect this could have on Desmond.
 In an interview, the lead designer was saying logically they could make a game for every one of those Assassin's mentioned in ACII (remember the ones in the tomb?).  How amazing would an Ancient Egypt game be?  Imagine Rome?  There's just so much promise in the series and I can't wait to see what happens next.
I've seen people say that they think the next game will take place in the future only and I think that's not even remotely likely.  The historical part of the AC series will never be abandoned, even if the other future stuff has started to be more prominent like it has in AC II.  The historical setting and gameplay will always be the heart of the game.
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@Falcon5008: me it seems pretty apparent that the game will probably go like this.... 
1. Desmond and his Ass. buddies (<...abbreviation gone horribly wrong...) arrive at that cabin "up north" that Lucy talks about. 
2. They immediately start using the animus, going through the memories of Desmond's ancestors to find the remaining Vaults and/or peices of Eden. 
3. Either between the discovery of the vaults, or after ALL of them have been found, I believe Desmond will go out into the modern world to go treasure hunting (Going to the Vaults, and Peices of Eden) and will probably try to keep them out of the hands of the doubt kicking some ass in the process too.  
4. Assassination of modern Templars? (ie; OBAMA!!! he would still be president in 2012...but I doubt they'd include him in the game. And they DEFINITELY won't KILL him if they do.)  It would be fucking sweet to play Desmond infiltrating Abstergo (Splinter Cell style) to kill some Templars. 
Now people are going to argue about which timelines and locations Desmond will be re-visiting through the animus... 
Some will say fuedal Japan, WWI, WWII, Revolutionary War, Civil War, Napoleonic wars, or ancient Egypt. 
What do I say to this? 
Why not all of them? All the Vaults and Peices of Eden are scattered across the world....wouldn't that mean he'd have to visit ancestors that were in different locations, if he were to find them? And there's probably no way that he could have ancestors scattered across the world at the same time, so we're probably looking at RADICALLY different times too.
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so far it has been leaked by the makers of AC are thinking of placeing the animus part of the game in world war 2. personally if they go along with this i will most likely put AC down for good. i do not want to run around on roof tops with a gun it just does not feel right after the past two games. so the game will need alot more blending and upgrade the ninja stars so you van lock on further with those... i personally never used the wrist gun in the game for two reasons. 1-ruined the fun of seeing you knife the guy in the face 2-took to long to lock on. and all of you that are waiting for this game badly just give up it is suppose to take 2-3 years for this game to come out and if this conspericies or 2012 are real you could never play any game after december 21st 2012... and you better be ready for something, for Nostradamus    was right all the time as far as i know so something will be happening (I would say the US or Iraq are first to go for they are the biggest war right now).

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