AC III: Liberation – Story Trailer

#1 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19418 posts) -

The disguise mechanic is shown off a bit in this trailer, which you can learn more of here.

Really excited for this and the trailer's pretty great, too.

#2 Posted by BlackLagoon (1535 posts) -

Can't decide whether I should watch this or not...

#3 Posted by Zirilius (775 posts) -

Looks pretty good. Just in time for my Vita to show up

#4 Edited by GunstarRed (5583 posts) -

I love the way the character looks. I'd really, really love to play this, but not for the price of a Vita. I have my fingers crossed it will get a Peace Walker-like console release.

#5 Posted by Venatio (4497 posts) -

This looks great, on my list of games to play when I get a Vita, along with Persona 4 Golden

#6 Posted by Krummey (202 posts) -

I'm not buying many games this fall. I am, however, buying two games twice (or at least I feel like I am), with this, ACIII, and the console and Vita versions of BLOPS.

#7 Posted by crusader8463 (14441 posts) -

Anyone know if this games story spoils anything from the other game or is it just a cameo of the guy and nothing more? This game looks far more interesting then the other one but since that's the game getting the number on it I get the feeling that that will be the one to push the story forward. I'm just worried that by playing this first that it might hinder the other game in some way by spoiling events in the later game.

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