Series entry point?

#1 Posted by figurehead00 (210 posts) -

Just wondering how much playing this game would spoil the overall AC story. I played through the first game when it came out, and messed with the second just a bit. I figure I should go through them all before AC3 proper, but as I'm fiending for a Vita game I wondered if this was enough of a side story that I could jump in. Thanks for any advice.

#2 Posted by BlackLagoon (1801 posts) -

I've only played a bit of it so far, but it seems safe. It's certainly not connected to the Desmond Miles story of the main games, I think it's mainly you uncovering more about the Templars and Abstergo.

#3 Posted by JesterPC238 (382 posts) -

I was wondering this as well, I'm currently trying to burn through Revelations before I start AC 3, but I'd really love to fire up Liberation on the go. Thanks for the info.

#4 Posted by hanktherapper (409 posts) -

Hey you stole my avatar.

#5 Posted by grimmspectre18 (76 posts) -

Well obviously I'm late but I hope someone stopped you and sat you down in front of 2 before you played this. No this wouldn't spoil any of the desmond stuff but it just may have soured you on the series as a whole.

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