Wait... so this is on PS3 now??

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Was just doing a bit of browsing on the PSN store, when I stumble upon this for £12 as a PS3 HD edition. I quite honestly had no idea this was even coming to a home console in the first place, and my instincts almost took over when I spotted it at that price... Fortunately I managed to have some restraint and decide to gather gather some opinions of those whom have played it (on any platform) as to whether it's worth it.

My background with the AC starts at the beginning and ends at Brotherhood. Hated the first one, loved the following two, decided to give the later two a miss, and I plan to eventually get ACIV on the PS4. Getting a PS4 is certainly a short while away, though, so if I were to get Liberation I would (probably) still be feeling pretty open to another one down the line.

So, the game... how is it? I've noticed its generally gotten rather mixed reviews, and there doesn't appear to be any criticisms that could be fixed via a home console port to my knowledge, either. If anything playing it on a home console may make it all the worse off, like most games of this ilk tend to do. After all, their primary intention is to give you a portable home-console experience ala the God of War PSP games and Resident Evil Revelations, so when you actually play them on a home console... What was once considered impressive may now seem redundant, and it's much more difficult to not directly compare it to its console brethren.

As I'm writing this out I'm already pushing myself away from the purchase, but I'd like to hear people's opinions all the same, and how it compares when put up against the other AC games!

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You sure it's out? Think it doesn't come out till January perhaps. Might of just saw the preorder... saw that on the store.

I played a bit on the Vita. Seemed okay but the framerate was really rotten so I'd assume it would be better on PS3. Might be worth checking out there.

The extra mission on AC Black Flag features Adeline which I thought was cool.

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yup yup, was announced during this past E3

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It doesn't hit until next year. I didn't really like it on the Vita, to be honest, I couldn't even bring myself to finish it - and this is coming from someone who liked Assassin's Creed 3 (which may also invalidate my opinion since I'm obviously backwards for liking that game? :P ).

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@handlas: EDIT: Oh fuck you, Giant Bomb. Fuck. You... Bloody thing ate my post.

Anywhoo, yes, you are correct, it is indeed for preorder. Still curious about opinions all the same, though.

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