everydayodyssey's Assassin's Creed III: Liberation (PlayStation Network (Vita)) review

Good, not great.

Having just finished Liberation and reading Alex's review - I agree with him. From the perspective of a first time "Creeder" (and someone hoping for a great Vita game), Liberation is just okay, and here's why:

The story is not clear - more than the grander Templar/Assassin framework - the on the ground, nuts and bolts story beats are muddled. Other than get to point "X" to do "Z," I was often left wondering "why." And not for lack of trying. To its credit, Liberation keeps an index on its major players that holds relevant and interesting information, but it does not go far enough. I am no dummy, however despite referencing that information and closely following dialogue, I was often left befuddled as to Aveline's intentions. Perhaps a mission recap or log would have helped keep Liberation's story in context, especially for the Vita, where gaming is more likely to take place in small (and sometimes disjointed) bites.

The upgrade system is not compelling. Actually, it is boring. As you progress you earn money and unlock weapons and costumes that can be purchased. The different costumes are merely cosmetic palette swaps. The weapons are meant to be the hanging fruit. Unfortunately, purchasing "better" weapons is unnecessary. For instance, I finished Liberation with little more than the standard fare and hardly struggled in combat. More likely than not, this is because of Liberation's (and the franchise's) combat system that places greater emphasis on counters than hack and slash kills. When all enemies are defeated in 1-2 post-counter hits regardless of the weapon, who needs to upgrade?

The Bayou (Liberation's free-roaming swamp that encompasses a good chunk of the story) also falls a little flat. In fact, it is a slog. It is slow to traverse (yes, I know it is a swamp) and, while large, its separate areas are not terribly distinct. The Bayou is also very brown, hazy, and muddy. In other words, ugly. The end result is an expansive but tedious environment. Unlike the other areas in Liberation, it just was a tad too frustrating to get from place to place, which made playing the Bayou less than fun.

By this point you may be wondering why I gave the game three stars considering I have only listed three negatives. Well, I liked the game for the same reasons Alex liked the game. The purpose of my review is only to flesh out some of the issues that made Liberation less than great for me. Do I recommend a purchase? Yes, but do not pay full-price like I did. Maybe it will be on sale for twenty dollars on Black Friday, and if so, buy it. The game is good, not great.

Posted by ShuaReborn

Thanks the the review man. I was really on the fence about this and this review will most likely keep me waiting a little longer. I'm a huge fan of Uncharted so when Jeff gave that 3 stars I was ok with it because I knew I'd look beyond the flaws, but I have some reserves about the assassin's series. So learning that Liberation kinda falls into the same it's "Good, not great" category makes me wanna wait till it drops a bit.

Again Thanks.

Posted by ttocs

Is this your first Assassin's Creed game? Is that what you mean by "first time Creeder?" Because I'm curious if you would have given it higher if you played the console counterparts and saw just how much of the main game they actually were able to squeeze into the Vita.

Posted by EverydayOdyssey

Yes. This was my first time with the franchise. Without playing the other games I am unable to answer your question, but anything is possible.

Posted by EverydayOdyssey

Having finished the story I went back to get a lot of the collectibles. Unfortunately, certain treasure chests and other collectibles do not appear despite being indicated on the world map. Thus, I think it may be impossible to "platinum" this game. Also, I now experiencing a game-breaking bug that will not let me load my game. The game just restarts when I click on "Continue Game." I have not been able to confirm whether this problem is unique to me. So, take that into consideration when making a purchase decision.

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