gunningyoudown's Assassin's Creed III: Liberation (PlayStation Vita) review

Its what you thought it would be

Assassins Creed III: Liberation is a game you want to like, believe me I went into the game expecting the worst. Playing through it the story was relativity short and simple. You play as Aveline A half French half African-American woman in New Orleans during the time of the events that Conner is living through.

The mission structure in Liberation is like the rest of the series with optional objectives and such. The missions are short and it works well on the vita where you can play a mission here and there. Playing through the story is rather short. and very.. bland. Aveline is a character you want to like but the game doesn't let you know her as well as you want to. The game play is much like the rest of the series and it really works well on the Vita. Sadly there is some gimmicky touch controls that make the game, painful.

Multi-player is the worst part of this package. Unlike the multi-player on the other systems the game play reminds me of a facebook game. You pick a side of Assassins or Abstergo. Pick a home node then ether defend or attack your node or other nodes. That is about it, your ranks reset everyday so your personas arnt needed to be trained because they reset. The Multi-player is not satisfying but it is something that can waist your time.

In short Assassins Creed III: Liberation isnt the game you would buy a vita for, but if you have one i would recommend it. Its Assassins Creed like on the go so have at it!


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