Anyone playing wolfpack?

#1 Posted by thomasnash (707 posts) -

I've been playing it a bit, mostly because it's a good mode to get accolades on, but also to try and unlock a few "dark" character costumes.

I kind of like it, it's an interesting twist on wave based survival I guess, BUT playing public games is pretty awful. So many people who just don't seem to understand the need to maximise your score, and just tear around like idiots. The worst is how often you get to the mode that asks you to perform a sync kill to get the bonus. Today I was in a group where twice 3 of us had lined up behind the targets and were waiting for the focus meter to fill, and the fourth guy to turn up, only to have him jump down and do an aerial kill and spoil it. With that said, I don't know if we would have got it because it's probably impossible to do without mics on. But also it's irritating how often you can be walking behind a target waiting for your approach meter to fill or the focus meter to fill up, and someone tears in to steal the kill for 100 points.

I guess that's just the way it is with public co op modes, but I needed to vent. So yeah, anyone else played much of it, or have a better experience with it?

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Play it with friends, that's all I can suggest. It's really good fun when you're actually working as a group, letting your partners build their scores. I just with there were a bit more variation in the optional missions, or even a different sync-kill animation. That little scene is cool the first time you pull it off (especially the round 25 one), but it gets just a tad repetitive seeing it for a 10th time.

I had much the same experience as you playing with pubbies, lots of people running around like headless chickens, making it to about round seven or eight if they were lucky. But amazingly I did manage to complete all 25 rounds in a group with no voice-com.

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Yeah, I wish I had friends who played games online...

I did just beat it in a public game, where two guys were using voice. We got the first sync kill. which was cool, and seems to be crucial to getting to 25 because we didn't manage it afterwards.

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I have the dark lady and the dark hessen.

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What is wolfpack? Is it like the team based deathmatch?

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It's whored mode And the real trick to beating it, is playing by yourself. I've beaten it twice now totally by myself. Just make a private game and don't invite anyone and the game will start.

#7 Posted by Aishan (1047 posts) -

@DonChipotle said:

What is wolfpack? Is it like the team based deathmatch?

It's a co-op mode where the objective is to reach certain score limits before the time runs out. The scoring follows the same basic premise as the normal multiplayer: you get more points for low-profile or stylish kills than straight up ganking the targets. There's also optional objectives (i.e. get an assist bonus, get an aeriel ambush, get a focus-poison kill, etc.) to help with the scores.

The targets are specially designed NPCs not seen elsewhere, who each have their own quirks. They all have what I call a "freak-out" meter, where if you make yourself too obvious they'll bolt and try to escape. As you get higher through the waves more complex NPCs appear, including ones which use abilities to stop you like smoke-bomb, decoy or bodyguard, as well as some which morph the groups they are in to make it harder to find them.

It's all about working as a team to get your targets and kill them all as silently and efficiently as possible.

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