Anyone want a pre-order Steelbook?

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I ended up trading in my Xbox 360 copy of AC3 after beating it. Anyone want my pre-order Steelbook case (w/ Alex Ross art)?

Free to the first person to ask for it here. (and I'll ship it free to anyone in the USA)

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How would you know where to send the case? By asking for their address. That seems creepy to me. I don't want it, but I would just like to know.

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@Cubidog1: um...sure? I take it you've never bought anything online?

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@narujoe93: if you read my post, I said it's free, and I'd send it free to anyone in the US.

Just thought I'd be nice and send it to a fellow Duder who might want it.

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@nathos: Me?

#6 Posted by nathos (91 posts) -

@awesomeusername: you got it. sending you a PM.

Steelbook is claimed!

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