Assassin's Creed III Reasons To Be Excited

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Did you sign up just to post this?

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Nah, im just looking into gaming forums since all my friends are only obsessed with Halo all freaking day on Xfire and I need to get away from Halo CE after 3 years.

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You need to stick around. Check out the videos on here, you'll get hooked too. Thanks for the link.

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Thanks man, I heard this is a great site along with Comic Vine.

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Always good to see people active on the site, but rules on Giant Bomb state that if you're posting a video to the boards, you most post a significant amount of text alongside it, written in a way that will incite discussion. We appreciate the desire to share content, but in the future recommend that you write at least one paragraph of substantial length alongside any link or embed you post in a new thread. Thank you.


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