Assassin's Creed III Trilogy (you know it will happen), Theories?

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Welcome to the Specultorium, where facts are non existent and the loudest person wins.

Since the ongoing theme of the games is the Templar's attempts to maintain control of humanity (to guide us to a future that can survive a catastrophic event in the far future?), the arc of an Assassin's Creed III trilogy would have to be about taming the newly independent republics in the Western Hemisphere, probably from within.

Shays Rebellion/Whiskey Rebellion? That would reflect the theme, but that may occur too soon in the timeline to be one of the sequels, maybe lost memory DLC?

Arg, I'm sure I'm not thinking outside of the box enough. The Louisiana Purchase! Travel with Ben Franklin to Paris (a new setting), kill some people, results in Paris selling all that land. Thats about 25 years after the Revolution, maybe too far, or maybe that is the third game.

I bet in the second you go to England, London is the City. You could get away with just the one city, like with Rome.

Will they address Slavery? That institution probably suited the Templars, but I don't know if Ubisoft has the stomach. Then again, think about the ending to ACII.

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whatever happens, i hope historically-creative espionage is involved

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ACIII: American Revolution

ACIII 2: War of 1812

ACIII 3: Napoleonic Europe

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Yes, and the last Assassin's Creed game won't be for the next gen consoles, it'll be on the generation of consoles after this next gen.

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I have no idea what the plot of AC is anymore since Brotherhood.

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I'd be perfectly happy if they just stopped after this one. They've done enough with the franchise. I really hope they don't drag this protagonist out as long as Ezio.

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They didn't hold a million interviews about how this will mark "the end of desmond's journey" or whatever, so no way in hell will anything get resolved in AC3.

You bet they're going to keep stretching this dumb storyline out.

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@LTSmash: that would be cool if they did that .

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I don't think there will be three Assassin's Creed III games.

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No clue & usually try not to speculate because my ideas are either better and the reality is a downer or my ideas are worse and and the reality is I am an unimaginable douche, which is the truest downer of them all.

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@jillsandwich said:

I don't think there will be three Assassin's Creed III games.

Twist is there will actually be four.

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A Whiskey Rebellion sequel would be... interesting, the Templars used the Apple to piss off a bunch of farmers and make them hate taxes, so Assassin President Washington showed up with a bunch of militia and crushed the rebellion with almost no violence. ROLL CREDITS

A War of 1812 Sequel would be more than appropriate, Conner will still be around when the British comeback. The British HMS Leopard raided a US ship that was smuggling the Apple of eden and the US got pissed! THINK ABOUT IT!!Ubisoft can give him a beard like they did Ezio!!!

I should work at ubi. I'll have to learn French i guess.

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@Mikemcn: im not an american so can you plz fill me on on the whisky rebellion because i am finding your idea very intersting.

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I guarantee you the American Civil War will be a DLC and the assassination of Lincoln...or maybe they won't because of controversy?

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arent they trying to coincide the in game events to the real date?

if theyre committing to that, then no trilogy.

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They could do the French Revolution for one sequel...

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For a moment, let's ignore the fact that the Animus is a super-convenient way of time-traveling back into the past to stab dudes, and for Ubisoft to continue to keep putting out games and other AC-related media.

Isn't Desmond's storyline supposed to end? Like, there's an event that's going to happen (this year, 2012!) that's mentioned multiple times in the games that provides a stopping point to Desmond's story.

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Up-to Revelations Spoilers ahead:

I bet that the story goes that the Library in the original Assassin's Hideout in Masyaf will be a big part. I bet at the end of 3 Desmond travels there and goes inside to find the room full of chairs filled with Assassin's and one space on the right of Altair’s skeleton. Desmond is then told to sit and die there like Altair did (Like I bet all the other playable Assassin's are told to by their Eagle vision at some point too). From the seats you can tell which are all the important Assassin's going forward (And in turn how many Era's and protagonists there could eventually be for Assassin's Creed). Then once all of them are together some Ancients' Magic will occur (likely something to do with all of the Apple's of Eden being in the same place or something) to bring back the Ancients leaving the next game being you play as an Ancient in modern times.

But as for an Arc around Connor (or an AC III arc if you will) then I bet it will go like this:

  • AC: III is about Connor's life up to when he is about to find a really important Ancient Artefact
  • When I picks it up he sees a future link with Desmond - sort of like how Ezio did, especially like it was in Revelations
  • However, it isn't current playable Desmond; it is a future Desmond that is very old.
  • The last shot of AC III is this older Desmond walking into Masyaf Library and sitting on one of the seats, closing his eyes and Fade to black.
  • AC III: 2 and 3 are then a build up of Desmond asking questions as to what it is about.
  • AC III: 2 is about Connor's story in the transition of the US Civil war, while at the same time Desmond travels to and tries to get into Masyaf but it blocks him out.
  • At the end of AC III:3 we see Connor get to Masyaf and go into the Library leaving a message to Desmond for how to get in.
  • ...AC: IV

If I am close to what actually happens at all then I will probably be pretty angry about it (it is a pretty shit way of making the series effectively-infinite while also giving a set end date; i.e. when all the Library seats have been filled by Assassin's) but this is basically a mad guessing thread so this is my extreme prediction.

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Assassin's Creed: Reservations.

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When AC decided to add in some 2012 end of the world bullshit and pre-human civilisation, they lost me. I fucking love those games, but the storyline itself should have stayed about templars and assassins.

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I doubt they will do a trilogy, max one spin-off then AC 4 with Des as main character. For everyone saying Civil War it would make no sense for Conner to be there, he would be over a 100 years old, the Devs have said ACIII covers before and after the revolution which began in 1775, the civil war wasn't until the 1860s. War of 1812 could work though having Conner similar to Ezio in Revelations in age. I'm Canadian so most early US history is unknown to me, but a quick google search shows the impossibility of Conner fighting in the Civil War. As JamesKM716 said they could possibly move Conner to France for the later part of their revolution, continuing the themes of liberty and revolution.

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