Cant update version. Anyone know of a fix?

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So i was waiting for all of the DLC to come out before starting the DLC story.

Install was ok and so on untill i got to the point of starting the game. I get " Version 1.02 allready installed!" And it starts the game. But when i try to install the DLC it says " Version 1.03 needed"

So i go online and find individual patcher programs. But then i get " Version 1.03 not compatible with this version"

It is getting super frustrating, i had similar bullshit happening when i played it trough earlier this year. But that was pathing related. I have tried contacting Ubisoft about it, but i all they said was to download the patches. Even though i already explained that it did not work.

I am seriously considering just watching a playtrough of the DLC story instead of dealing with this pain in the ass stuff. But it will also feel like a waste of around 40 $ which was about the price for the season pass.

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Where did you get the game from? I was under the impression that Assassin's Creed III uses Uplay both retail and digital, and that it will automatically run the auto-patcher and detect the latest version when starting the game?

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@fritzdude: I am runing it trough Uplay. Where is also where i got it. When it tries to update it just tells me i allready have 1.02 installed.
When i checked online, 1.06 is the newest. And 1.03 is required for the DLC to even work.

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I remember a friend having this issue as well and what fixed it for him was just running the Uplay client as admin (since it doesn't ask for that automatically and thus can't write new files to a folder? I dunno)
But that was what worked for him.

Other than yes, download the files manually as @kidavenger said.

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@kidavenger: have tried this several times. But i get " This uppdate is not compatible with your version of the game"
So yeah. Dont know what that is about. And i get no answer from Ubisoft.

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After contacting ubisoft yet again, and getting nowhere with this isseu. I decided to just let it be. I doubt the DLC is all that good anyway.
Lesson learned: Dont buy games on uplay. Should have just bought it on steam instead. Thanks for the help though!

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@mrmanga: If it's anything like most recent Ubisoft games on steam nowadays playing it would of just launched Uplay anyway :/

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