couple questions about assassins and finance.

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Sorta spaced on how to improve my income and how to upgrade my assassins?

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and, how do you recruit new assassins? ive dabbled in the little side game symbols for assassins but couldnt get a new recruit?

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Trade furs using the convoy system, you'll make far more money than you can ever spend. If you want to increase profits, liberate the forts to reduce tax and lower the chance the convoys will be ambushed en-route.

Assassins upgrade through sending them on missions around the colonies. Open the Assassin Guild Menu (Hold LB then press X), and choose a mission to send them off. They level up fairly quickly.

You get a new assassin recruit every time you fully liberate a zone in a city. Once you've done them all (there should be 2 different types, 3 of each) in a district, you do a special mission and the contact becomes the assassin.

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Im sorry to hijack the thread, but this kinda fits here. Did any of you ever lack coin? And if so, what did you spend it on? I only bought maps and outfits and always had plenty of cash. I upgraded my homestead 100% but never once sold anything the caravan way and the only thing i made was the double holster. Have I missed a meta game completely? Since i got all the cash i needed from misions and chests i never even thought about it.

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@MrMuscle: Naval stuff and upgrading your ship costs heaps. And that's about it i think, nothing else i can think of for money.

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how do you use the 'convoy system'? where do you buy ammo etc and upgrades for your main guy?

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@lusence: Use the book at the manor, or at any general store. Then it's the right most option in the menu.

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@Shirogane said:

@MrMuscle: Naval stuff and upgrading your ship costs heaps. And that's about it i think, nothing else i can think of for money.

Oh yeah, i didnt really do any of that. I hear its great, guess im going back in!

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where is your 'book' im not seeing it at the manor?

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lol was just at the scene where its introduced. nm...

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Just beat the game yesterday and I had been sitting on the Very last mission when I decided to do all the side stuff; I collected most of the almanac pages, feathers, trinkets, all the viewpoints, Most of the forts, a bunch of the naval missions, got every building for the homestead, and upgraded my ship with a couple things.

I never used the caravans, crafted nothing but a barrel or two, and the only time I hunted was when I ran into a herd of bears or elk and just stabbed em all.

I honestly thought there would be maybe 3 or 4 hours More of story gameplay..... but no, that mission I had been sitting on was the final one... sort of anticlimactic

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Winter is when items like pelts, fur and *unsurprisingly* spirits are worth slightly more. The initial grind is tough but once you've gotten far enough in the story to buy bear pelts, you'll rake at least 15k every 20min.

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