Game Stats Thus Far

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No need to post EVERY stat there is on here, but just some of the important ones you feel like sharing or gloating about. Please no spoilers here.

Time Played: 11 hours 13mins and 58secs

Total Kills: 448

Assassinations: 80

Memories Completed: 77

I seem to get myself into bad situations all the time in this game. I think they put way more guards in this game than any other. It seems my map is mostly red dots everywhere I go. Feel free to show and gloat to each other what you guys have. I'll post more stats once I'm done being embarrassed from my miserably low numbers for the amount I've played so far.

Edit: Also share funny, awesome, or something terribly unlucky that has happen to you so far.

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Servers are down so can't gloat accurately. 66 sessions, 66 wins, but game won't give you credit for a win if you join a match in progress or it ends prematurely (quitting was rampant in assassinate in Revelations, seems to be a tad better now) so only like an 88% win rate on the stat sheet (it was 100% for a little while though, made me sad though this is kind of how I play Free Cell: "If I win the next 100 matches in a row my % will go up by 1!").

Mode Scores:

Wanted: 8050, 50 sessions

DM: 8500ish, 3 sessions

Assassinate: 10550 with Default Set 1, 13 sessions

I don't use poison and I don't use Score X2

Copy pasta:

Best moment so far: In a morph pack in wanted, Brewery. Stun one pursuer, walk around a corner and see the next one, toss a smoke his way, stun a guy who just got lured, run over and stun the dude who's still in the smoke, kill the target who just killed the second stun victim. 3 stuns and 1 kill in about 7 seconds.

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