How's the George Washington DLC?

#1 Posted by Hunkulese (2640 posts) -

All I've really heard about it was that it was kinda short for the price. Steam has the season pass for 50% off. Is it worth it?

#2 Posted by Kidavenger (3505 posts) -

I'm interested in this too.

It looks kind of crazy, maybe not to the degree Blood Dragon was but the same sort of thing.

#3 Posted by gaminghooligan (1406 posts) -

It's not bad actually, I thought it was more entertaining than AC3 was, but yeah if that price is back to normal I would wait.

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It's disappointing.

Nowhere near the production quality of the main game. Which at this point is one of the few remaining things holding up AC.

Almost all of the areas are reused, yet it manages to look graphically worse then the main game for some unfathomable reason. The voice acting lacks the direction and delivery that Ubisoft money can buy. New abilities are completely overpowered and break the game, so they're a bit fun, but make the mistake of using your health as a resource. You have to re acquire and re upgrade some you gear (granted it's fast tracked) but if you had a pimped out dude in 3 you might be disappointed. Washington comes of more as an inept mustache twirling villain rather then any real menace or threat they could have made him into with just a bit of effort. Story beats of bad shit happening for drama was hokey because they already used those same "bad shit happened" moments in the main game. The big W's pyramid is pretty cool. The DLC also ties into the main game's story surprisingly neatly.

And yes it's short for the price. It felt more like one DLC rather then 3.

So maybe wait for 75% off.

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@tennmuerti: Thanks for giving an informed opinion; I probably wasn't going to buy it regardless but it was at least vaguely interesting (granted the only AC DLC I'm particularly interested in is DLC multiplayer modes).

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All I know is that it cannot possibly be as good as the stand-alone Bioshock: Infinite GW enemies. Those fuckers were intimidating.

#7 Posted by Blu3V3nom07 (4144 posts) -

Its worth getting the season pass for the extra multiplayer maps. But the DLC is alright. The best part is flying around ad the eagle, which isn't saying much.

The half price of $15 for the season pass seems fantastic and totally worth the price.

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The first and last weren't to bad. But I really disliked the second act due to having to play the parlor games for story reasons. Which I guess isn't to big of a deal, but I really dislike parlor style games in a digital format.

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I recently got the season pass for $10 on a Gamersgate sale and was very disappointed. The animal power mechanics sound interesting but control badly, and the mission design floats between boring and awful. In one mission your in a white animus-like environment trying to track an elk by listening to its' pulse, which doesn't work at all. I had to fudge my way through that by following the borders of the level until I found an exit. In another, you traverse the interior of a big open temple using an animal power, which isn't nearly as rewarding as climbing around manually like Ezio did in the previous games.

The premise (Washington gets the apple and goes insane with power) is neat but the story falls flat. Connor is aware he's in some kind of alternate reality, but he remains incredibly serious, even as this insanely dumb shit happens all around him. It was hard to empathize with real Connor, but it's even harder with alternate reality Connor.

There was one moment when I thought the game might make an interesting statement. You're riling up the citizens of New York for a rebellion against Washington by destroying statues, beating up public speakers, and hanging soldiers. Like, you sit on a wire over a busy city street, grab a soldier passing by, and hang him there in front of a bunch of citizens. It's brutal, and I think it would've been neat if that backfired in a serious way, especially since Connor's mom had been warning him in dreams that he was going down a dark path. But no, you hang a bunch of dudes, start the revolution and go beat Washington. Mehhh

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