How to engage animals directly?

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So I must have missed the tutorial, there's no information in the "manual" and I can't find anything online.

How does fighting animals actually work?

I get that I hit B when they attack, but then what? I've tried every button and on occasion I get a stab in, but then I can never get it again and the damn thing just kills me.

So bombers, what button do I press and what is the timing window like, because I can't see any obvious indication. And how do I get them off me once they're on, I simply cannot figure this out.

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At least take them out on a date first.

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It's usually two buttons to press in the QTE, in succession.

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When they attack there are one of two possible QTE's. You either press one button which results in a dodge, or you press a sequence of two buttons which results in a counter attack. I don't know about the Xbox but on the PS3 there are fairly large indicators on screen for what button(s) the game wants me to press. When an animal is on you, there should be a flashing or pulsing QTE indicator telling you which button to mash rapidly to get the animal off you. If these indicators aren't showing up for you, your game may be bugged.

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@StarvingGamer: So i have the entire hud turned off. You're telling me the button is random and i have no way of knowing without turning the hud on? What a pile of shit.

Yup, just went through the options and it's the SSI. My least favourite part of that ugly, ugly hud.

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@Canteu: I think that the dodge might always be O, or B in your case, and the counter might always start with B, but the second button press in the counter seems to be randomized. I've only been successfully attacked maybe twice, but I remember the get-off-me button in both of those cases also being B. I only really tangled with animals any significant amount the day the game came out so I can't remember it clearly now.

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@Canteu: I haven't tried turning the HUD off (then again, I'm collecting everything I can, so I really need that mini-map); can you turn on certain elements of it like the Quick Time Event prompts? Unfortunately for those who prefer being HUDless, those prompts are needed for survival, as was mentioned above. Even the "get off me!" button is randomized every time the animal pounces on you.

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@ahgunsillyo: The minimap is the only part of the hud i have ever had turned on in any AC game. I, honestly, am disappointed that i must have a portion of the UI turned on to engage in a gameplay element. No other AC game has demanded this of me before. I'll just leave the SSI turned on when im in the wilderness and turn it off in towns.

I get the promts with the SSI portion turned on.

Also to answer your question, yes you can turn off specific hud elements. These QTE prompts however, happen to fall under my least favourite part of the hud.

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@Canteu: Good to know. Man, I think I would find certain parts of the game (haven't beaten it yet), really frustrating without the SSI, especially getting 100% sync. Getting spotted can be annoyingly easy sometimes.

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@ahgunsillyo: I've had no issues up to now without the SSI about 10 hours in. Never have. I don't need a dorito to tell me i'm fucking up, there are enough audio and animation ques that this portion of the UI is simply not needed.

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