Let's Talk About Assassin's Creed III and Assassin's Creed III: Liberation

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#51 Posted by Rowr (5862 posts) -

Well i can't be sure this analysis has given me much to go on.

If Alex didn't come at everything with the enthusiasm of a wet piece of cardboard perhaps i could gauge what my expectations are from what I've just read.

Waiting for the reviews.

#52 Posted by Nicky92 (77 posts) -

I'm playing AC Brotherhood now coming off of AC2 and then AC1. Yep I was playing them inline all the way through and I have to say that AC2 was a massive improvement over AC1 in terms of the combat system being slightly easier, the free running being faster and the graphics looking better with the improved level level design where the story flowed more naturally. Brotherhood is slighlty better than AC2 with the kill streak combat system and the assassisns guild system in works. But my problem with the AC games and this is for all of them is the combat which works and then does'nt work. Somethimes when I try to draw a weapon nothing happens and I'm being bashed hard by spears as a result. Other times when your running on chasing someone's who needs to be assassinated the crowed come in the way and even though the correct target is highlighted Altair or Ezio will assassinate the crowed, innocent civillians, with a double hidden blade kill happening sometimes. Civillians used not be allowed t be killed in AC games because that's not even fun, so why make it possible. Also a problem I had when playing Brotherhood was I was in a killstreak and the last man took the sword to the chest. Now in brotherhood Ezio will sometimes use two weapons to take down two guards down at once, but the guy Ezio took down was a inncoent civillian standing watching the fight where as soon as Ezio killed the guard by placing his sword in the guards chest he shot one of the rounds from his gun into a civillian which I had no control over the action. Theres some groofy shit in AC games and with the combat I hoped it would have been Batman Arkham type of unstoppable easy badass killing. But if it becomes trouble some then that's a real problem because combat is the way to assassinate. When I kill someone who is the assassinated target and then get surrounded by heavy gaurds all around, I kill all of them befre leaving instead of running like a coward.

#53 Posted by LTSmash (709 posts) -

Looks like I better practice my stabbin':

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#54 Posted by pandapower (21 posts) -

Need to play these. That is all.

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