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This game is kind of a bummer. It was certainly enjoyable, but even the marketing material for this game felt nowhere near as powerful as previous ones. I still have the ACII E3 trailer stuck in my head, same with Brotherhood. The game may not have played in entirely the same way, and they may have been pre-rendered, but they were striking and rather beautiful. Looking now, the only real trailer I can find that emulates them is the one that shows pre-alpha gameplay, where they are maintaining a framerate that is unprecedented in the actual release.

I was actually totally okay with the game I had until I saw how smooth the game could be running, and just got incredibly bummed. It made me realize why so many game critics get uppity when something doesn't run at 60 fps.

Edit: Post-teaser trailer below. Were the actual game this fluid, I think a lot of people's gripes would have been addressed and it would have felt almost like an entirely different game.

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I found the game to be a major bummer, with the frame rate being one of the issues that was of least concern to me. I was genuinely expecting a GOTY contender, which - despite what the atrocity that is the VGA's would lead people to believe - it should not be, and will not end up anywhere near my personal top ten.

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I can't look back yet, still playing it, but this so far feels like the Assassin's Creed that killed any and all mystery to the fiction of the franchise. Feels like an open book. But, fun so far either way.

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I'm looking forward to diving into this game soon on PC. I'll probably like it more than I would if I played on consoles because I'll be able to avoid the tech issues and have 60 frames.

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I'm forcing my way through it now. It's been about five hours of main-lining the story and I think I'm finally out of tutorial-city. This game hates creativity. Every scenario, every design choice is based around one style of play. One solution to every obstacle. I go into situations in this game thinking "Well, what does the developer want me to do here?" rather then using the mechanics to create a strategy on my own. This is one of the most linear games I've played in a really long time. I'm really struggling with wanting to continue playing it.

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@Colourful_Hippie said:

I'm looking forward to diving into this game soon on PC. I'll probably like it more than I would if I played on consoles because I'll be able to avoid the tech issues and have 60 frames.

Man I fucking hope so. Looking back at recent Ubi PC ports I sadly can't be as sure as you seem to be and that's going to hold me back at least a couple of days before I'll throw money out.

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@xMrSunshine: Ubi has been pretty vocal on the extra work they're putting into the PC version and bringing over the huge patches that the consoles are getting day 1 for the PC version. If they manage to somehow fuck up then they are going to be on the receiving end of a shitstorm for not delivering on their promises so either way they will try their best to not fuck this up...hopefully.


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