Missing Weapons?

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So my Tomahawk went and vanished from my inventory some time in Boston which is a real shame because I enjoyed burying it in people's soft bits. Since then I have acquired a new Tomahawk and an axe, both from treasure boxes bot neither of them show up either. Anyone have any ideas what is going on? Have I just missed something obvious or has the game decided its straight blades only for me?

I heard someone mention this sort of thing elsewhere but can't remember where and wondered if it was a bug or if it was just some gameplay thing I hadn't understood.

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Well the only explanations I can think of are that you could have thrown it at some point in combat as I believe I once did that somehow. Also just in case of oversight; Tomohawks are a different category to swords, they essentially occupy the same slot as daggers so you can have one in your inventory along with your sword.

As for treasure boxes I can't say i've ever found a weapon in a treasure box. All i've found weapon wise in chests are schematics which need crafting later in the game courtesy of all the homestead stuff so chances are you may have just acquired schematics.

Anyway, your weapons will all be stored in the homestead basement on the racks there. Alternatively visit any shop, go to the weapons category (small weapons in the case of tomohawks) and just select any of the purchased weapons you own in order to equip them once more, free. Hopefully that will help you get them back :)

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I think it's a bug, it's happened to me a couple of times. Last night, for no apparent reason my Tomahawk and my second pistol disappeared, AND my outfit changed back to the default outfit for no real reason. I changed my outfit back at the homestead, and put my tomahawk back from the shop menu. I couldn't retrieve my second pistol but for some reason it is back now that I have reloaded the game.

Probably the most annoying bug I've come across.

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@leebmx: This exact thing happened to me. It's a bug. Luckily I was young connor and when I got the hidden blades it restored my tomahawk.

Weird thing was in his left hand was the knife he carries with the tomahawk. Shit was weird, because it still did the animation of the tomahawk.

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hmm, my second pistol disappeared again. Sigh.

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