People with the strategy guide, please help me.(Delivery Request)

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I have 100%'d everything in the game. Missions. Side missions. Secondary objectives. I have found every feather, treasure chest, and almanack. I have completed every guild in the game.
One problem. The delivery requests. The progress bar does not update at all until you finish all challenges in a certain area. So right now I am stuck at 66% done. The other problem? Delivery Requests only show up on your map when you get within inches of the NPC, so, I have literally been going up and down every street in every city and map trying to find out where it he is. IGN's "guide" page is so fucked there are people having EDIT wars against each other trying to make the other look dumb and it's not helpful at all. There are no videos or information on the internet. I've been searching since 7AM today, and it is now 2PM and I have found nothing.
Every piece of information I have read is wrong or so vague I couldn't even begin to find the guy, but that's the thing: I don't know who I'm missing in what map. I'm certain I have the Frontier and New York finished, but I'm not certain, because it doesn't say and I don't know.
One of you people have to have the strategy guide, or have finished this already. Someone HAS to know. I'm losing my mind here and I just want to be done with it but I can't find anything.
I need to know where the Delivery Requests are and it would take hours to find him because I have to look through every map multiple times to ensure I didn't miss him, but I've already done that and I have found nothing. I know I'm not glitched because it doesn't update until you find the guy, and I've seen other people say they have found him so I know he exists.
What I need is information on where every delivery request is so I can go down the list. There are only 8 or 9 of them so it's not that many.
Thank you and god speed, because I'm losing my mind.

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After a quick google search i found several maps for the delivery requests. I'm not going to include these, because it took me seconds.

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Seriously? "Assassin's Creed 3 delivery request" first result...

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@Canteu said:

After a quick google search i found several maps for the delivery requests. I'm not going to include these, because it took me seconds.

I'm on google images and there is exactly one. There are a lot of images of "maps" but none of them have the delivery request locations on them. It's all treasure chests and missions and feathers/almanacks.
It seems like the people who have found it have found it by random luck and never took any mind to screen capping it or whatnot. Even the people who make video guides have passed this category over.
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@N7: You know, google can search for web pages as well as images?

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@Zaccheus said:

Seriously? "Assassin's Creed 3 delivery request" first result...

If you would have read what I wrote, I have already been there and it's not very trustworthy. If you notice, some of the information goes directly against what the pictures show and even then there are only pictures for the ones I already have.
That's not an official anything. Anyone can edit that page and it even says there is no North Boston delivery request but another person said that there is and that he found it(He didn't say where he found it, of course). That's probably not reliable since I've been using that to find the locations and have come up short.
That's why I need to know via a strategy guide or images or something, because I've been to these locations and there's nothing happening. I know I'm not glitched out or anything because I've seen people have the same problem as me but eventually find which ever NPC I'm missing, but they never seem to say where.
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Did you finish the valley forge one? theres a guy down by the water wheel thing.

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@Canteu said:

@N7: You know, google can search for web pages as well as images?

Yes. And I have searched. All that seems to come up are gamefaqs pages detailing the exact issue I'm having and people trying to find the same information and not being able to. I found one page where some guy claims to have found one in Northern Boston, but I looked it up and apparently there is no NPC there. So, I figure, a strategy guide or maybe someone who has 100%'d it would know for certain.
And I got the valley forge guy. I did the Troy's Woods/Lexington one a long time ago but I went back to New York to finish other challenges(I was at 0% at this point, which means I still had requests to finish) and then I randomly ran into a Delivery Request in Western New York(Once I finished that I went to 32%), one that I had already done. So he came back and clearly there were more to find but I can't figure out where they are. I've looked at every image and read every description the people on the internet have posted about it that I have found, and the pictures are proof enough, but apparently there are only pictures of the ones I have(Since I've gone there and there's no NPC there) and the information has been disputed within the same post what with this mysterious Northern Boston guy, but, as I've said already, people say he doesn't exist but other people have apparently found him.
I know I haven't finished them all since the stats say I have not, but I've been looking for quite a while and have run out of ideas.
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I am having the same problem. I have looked at dozens of sites with infor and none of them seem to alleviate my problem.

Im at 66%, and im nearly positive that central boston is the only one im missing (evidenced by the fact that i have all the stuff he wanted in my inventory). There was a point in the game where he showed up, but when i went to drop off the supplies, he dissapeared when i got within minimap range (ive had this happen before, it disappears at the edge and then reappears when the minimap picks them up) but it didnt reappear. I was busy so i didnt really think anything of it,as normally they reappear soon after and now he hasnt returned.

Ive searched the general area that sites have pointed me too VERY thoroughly. If anyone could post a picture of the dude standing where he stands, i could match the picture up with an exact location in game (not on the map). Its a lot to ask, and i dont really expect anyone to do it, but until that picture pops up, there isnt enough info for me or apparently the OP to go off of.

Extra kick in the nuts: my DNA sych has rounded up to 100%. But 100% isnt quite 100% now is it.

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