Please Help? Trying to get to 20 Aerial bonus kills in Wolfpack.

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Aaaaand reach level 20.

... On the PS3...

Does anyone have any spare time? I'm up to 12/20 so it won't take that long. The majority of games I join are with people who don't really know how to play wolf-pack and just rush into kills, not take notice of the bonuses and end up only reaching level 11 or something. This is for the final two trophies I need to platinum the game (reaching level 20. I'm on 13, and unlock a hacked Abstergo video, for which I need 8 more aerial bonus kills). Then I can stop playing the game until the DLC. I need to go out! If anyone can lend their time to just run around with me in wolf-pack for a little bit? I would forever be in your debt! :'( help!

Cheers guys :)

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You can play it solo and still get all the standard rewards; if anything the mode is easier solo unless you have extremely good coordination (i.e. voice communication) with your teammates.

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I only just found that out ¬_¬ .... What's the best mode to play to level up quickly?

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Normal, the AI is really stupid except for a few tricks and you can just sidle up next to them and get incognito/focus/hidden when you need more score and go for aerial kills when you've got the time. I've ended solo missions with like 6 and a half minutes left before, completing all 25 waves. You get about 10k experience for doing so, and 10k in 15 minutes is pretty good considering you don't have to deal with matchmaking and other gobbledygook. For "The Hunter" persona he'll have a clone, just walk near to them until their question marks fill up and the one that turns and says "Surprise" is the one you want to kill before he can stun you, not especially difficult past the first couple of times.

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