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Got my copy in the mail early today and after doing the mandatory install and patch loaded up a new game. During the opening cutscene and initial starting area I was unable to hear Voice Audio. After deleting the install content and patch I attempted to reload the game without the patch and still had the same results. Tried doing a factory restore on my PS3 and still nothing. Other games play just fine (LBP2, Uncharted 2 and 3) so I'm at a loss of what to do next

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@Zirilius: Might sound stupid but try turning your ps3 off and back on. Other than that I guess all you can do is wait for a fix or try returning the game and getting another copy.

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update your ps3 firmware. that worked for me when i had the same issue with AC2.

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After what I went through with Brotherhood I wouldn't be surprised with with anything Ubisoft does. Try calling costumer service and wait a while until one will tell you that the problem might be your HDMI cable.

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That's a fucking bummer, bro. I remember having that exact problem with RAGE, but it a few hours in. It seemed like a very important mission and the sound was completely gone. I couldn't get it back no matter what I tried. I got rid of it.

Long story short: that sucks, and I hope you get it to work.

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Why is everybody talking about having issues with Assassin's Creed before?? I have played all of them and i've never had such problems, though,  I hope the same thing does not happen to me when I play AC3

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@nohthink said:

Why is everybody talking about having issues with Assassin's Creed before?? I have played all of them and i've never had such problems, though, I hope the same thing does not happen to me when I play AC3

I had a ton of problems in Revelations. I got stuck in buildings at least five times and had to restart my console. I also remember this one time where I walked to a rooftop, stabbed a dude, and then had him spawn in hundreds (yes, really) replicas of himself who were all screaming at me. Although, the argument could be made for that moment being ridiculously awesome (except for that part where it froze again).

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Welp the only review published on metacritic talks about bugs. It's in Spanish or something though so I didn't read it other than the summary on Metacritic. I never had any problems with past Assassin's Creed games but having just bought XCOM and it being completely busted and unplayable (first ever console game for me that was unplayable) I'm a little weary on this now.

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Hmm, played all 4 of the previous AC games on my PS3 and never had a single problem.

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Well I've tried switching HDMI cables, I've tried switching TV's, done all updates known to man for Playstation, and still nothing. Fortunately I have a hook up at a local store that will let me swap for a 360 version since the codes aren't used.

It's the first game it's happened to me on and having done some google searching it seems like a pretty common problem for the AC franchise on PS3. Bums me out a little since I was hoping to get Liberation at some point but not a deal breaker.

Thanks for the help guys.

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@huntad: If that would've been me, I would be all like:

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After the brotherhood gamma issue that rendered the game unplayable on my tv and had no solution, im pretty skeptical as to how 3 will turn out for the ps3 - maybe i just got unlucky but god damn it fucked that game for me

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I find it odd that Ubisoft would show the PS3 version at a bunch of things (like E3) and then have that version be messed up, but who knows. ACII and Brotherhood were fine for me on PS3, but Revelations had some framerate troubles, so who knows!

I'll still probably buy the PS3 version. It'll probably be fine.

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Might have to wait for a day 1 patch tomorrow, unfortunately.

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I'm having issues for sure even with the patch, frame rate, animation glitches, dialouge failign to play and other audio miscues, random pauses, so far not a promising

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Ubisoft really seems to have issues with the PS3 and Assassin's Creed, I swapped my Brotherhood from PS3 to 360, because the frame-rate was awful.

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Next you're gonna tell me that when the files size of the save gets too large the game will become unplayable.

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@Xeiphyer: Just wait.Good Luck

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Seems like the PS3 version is the only one with the mentioned problems, that's troubling to here. I've had my share of issues with some of the past AC games but I hope the problems here aren't as bad as everyone says.

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Yet to notice any glitches in the PS3 version. Works smoothly here.

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Saw this on the Ubi forums and figured I'd give everyone a heads up.

The DTS audio in AC3 doesn't work. Kill the DTS and you'll be good.

I don't have the PS3 version anymore to try this out with but figured I'd give people a heads up.

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