That multiplayer is now brutal

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I used to be great at ac multiplayer free for all modes in the first 3 weeks after the game came out. Always finishing in the top 3 in every match.

After way to much halo 4, I went back to ac3 yesterday and MAN. Played a few deathmatch games with randoms and got completly destroyed.

Rounding corners and immeditly getting killed by players in disguise, my target, seeing me coming from a mile away, stunning me from behind or having multiple body doubles wandering the level at any time. Finished multiple games with half the points of the top 3 or 4 players. Maybe every ok player switched to halo and there's only killing machines left playing ac3. Maybe I had some very bad luck in matchmaking. Anyone having similare issues?

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I have no experience with any AC's multiplayer but you might want to study the tactics being used against you and turn those in your favor. What they do seems to work, try reverse engineering it or seeing if you can make something of it.

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I have no experience with any AC's multiplayer but you might want to study the tactics being used against you and turn those in your favor. What they do seems to work, try reverse engineering it or seeing if you can make something of it.
Seems most of these tactics are based on crafted abillities you get from lv28 or higher. Assuming this is now the common play style, I would need to suffer trough many more matchs to get that stuff.
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last ac multiplayer i played was brotherhood and i was able to do fine months after it came out.

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When others are really good at this game it makes newer players look and feel really stupid. Other than death match I usually feel pretty stupid...

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I found it was really hard to do anything successful after the introductory matches it forces you to play. I have only played a very small amount of the MP in previous games, but it seemed right from day one people were insanely good at it.

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I prefer Artifact Assault. Me and my fiend usually dominate in that mode.

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@pyrodactyl: If you're struggling to compete purely from the lack of abilities, I'd recommend focusing on Wolfpack to level up. You get loads of XP, plus easy challenge completions for an extra bonus. A complete session should net you about 10k XP before bonuses for a sub-15 minute run.

Crafting abilties is not that big a deal, and you can easily compensate for a lack of them (most players just use them to lower cooldowns, but you very rarely use an ability immediately every time it comes off cooldown, so it's not crucial). I'd gladly share some tips if there's something specific you're struggling with from other players.

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@pyrodactly: The multiplayer is getting patched this week, so it might resolve the issues you are having with it. See here.

Just keep at it. I have been going back and forth as win ratios go. Later level abilities have always been pretty dominant (poisoning especially).
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@IIGrayFoxII said:

Later level abilities have always been pretty dominant (poisoning especially).

Poison is easy to counter, because it has such a tiny range (other than the dart, obviously, but knives are seriously the best ranged bar none), so a competent player will stun you any time you attempt to poison them.

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@pyrodactyl: That sounds bad, and killed off any enthusiasm for the multiplayer I had.
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Poison has gotten nerfed in each AC after Brotherhood, it was definitely overpowered in Brotherhood since like 99% of top players used it. But now its only overpowered in the sense that it gives you a variety bonus, but extreme variety is easier than ever to get so this effect is diminished. In terms of getting into AC: stick with Wanted if you want a fair match, you might not win all that often against a particularly competent player but you've always got a shot due to the randomness of the mode. Learn how to be stealthy and efficient with your kills, the roof is useful but shouldn't be where you are perpetually, primarily you want to use the roof to get the acrobatic, aerial, and focus bonuses once a match and that's it unless you're escaping.

Never, ever play Assassinate as a new player, there's things to learn there but largely you'll be exploited over and over by the most assholish players in existence, speaking as a top 10 assassinate player myself though I got tired of being a douchebag.

Simple Deathmatch is universally fair, no abilities whatsoever so its all in where you position yourself on the map to locate pursuers and your target without being seen yourself, alongside getting as many variety bonuses as possible. Regular Deathmatch is presently somewhat broken due to the Animus Hack killstreak, if you hear a "Thunder" sound effect then hide for the next 20-25 seconds roughly. DM is hard to come back in if you don't have an early lead, there's very little progressive lead switching mid match. The Fort Wolcott DM map is AIDS, don't play it. Similarly Boston Harbor's non DM renditions aren't particularly good for Wanted so you might want to avoid that as well; other than that it is by far the best compilation of maps in any of the AC games.

Level 24 is when you get Smoke Bomb, that's the easiest ability to use to both stun and get focus bonuses offensively (termed OSB and loathed by pretty much everyone); you can just play Simple DM to 24 or Wolfpack solo and get there relatively quick. Personally I think Morph is the best ability in Wanted and you get that at level 12, if you get particularly good with it then you can win almost every match.

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