They look weird......

#1 Posted by Sombrero_Ninja (44 posts) -

Like 15 mins in and this is gonna take some getting used to....the character models look they're redesigns..and why does desmond not have the scar?

#2 Posted by Rafaelfc (1836 posts) -

Desmond did look super weird in Revelations... curious to see how he looks in III

#3 Posted by Nottle (1933 posts) -

@Sombrero_Ninja: Did you play Revelations? Everyone looked sort of off in that game.

#4 Posted by Pezen (1849 posts) -

They seem to reimagine how faces look in every damn game, it's ridiculous. Also, Desmond does have the scar.

Ps. What's up with the overly preachy, cards on the table, let's explain everything intro? That was almost worse than the face change.

#5 Posted by firecracker22 (691 posts) -

Desmond's scar is there.

Revelations, for me, was where the faces got really weird. Just, like...deformed. Subject 16 looked weird to me, and Desmond's beard through me for a loop. Then again, Lucy's face was always that way for me too.

In what I've seen so far, Desmond looks fine. But, the others? Ehhh. His dad looks really weird to me. I think a different team must work on the Desmond stuff than the ones that work on the period stuff.

#6 Posted by vikingdeath1 (1124 posts) -

The only issue i'm having is with Desmond's face, I actually think most of the faces in the game look really good, and it's not that Desmond looks "Bad" per-se, he just looks SO DIFFERENT!

#7 Posted by nathos (92 posts) -

I don't know why they couldn't just stick with the II/Brotherhood models. They looked pretty good, and had a bit of a stylized look to them.

Desmond looks weird, Rebecca too.

Also: anyone notice that there's no lip-synching outside of cutscenes? Look at the mouths moving outside of the Animus when Desmond talks to Rebecca/Shaun/Desmon's Dad. It's pretty horrible.

#8 Posted by RAMBO604 (147 posts) -

The new art style looks fine after you adjust to it. Its just weird they would suddenly change the style five games deep into a franchise. What really bugs me and a guess it makes sense given his heritage as a Native American but I don't like that Connor is not just Desmond's character model in a different time period. I never saw it as all of Desmond's ancestor's looked like him, in my mind it made sense that the Animus would project the person as being themselves as their ancestor.

Regardless of fiction reasons it just struck me as inconsistent to suddenly change this small detail that not a lot of people probably never considered.

#9 Posted by Jahbu (24 posts) -

LOL yeah I noticed that a while back in the previews. I guess you just gotta get used to it I guys.

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