This game wants me to stop playing it

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I'm not too far in, just took Connor into Boston, and it's starting to glitch out something fierce. And what isn't glitching seems intentionally counter intuitive.

Sam Adams wanted me to take him to a printer shop, but they way was blocked by some redcoats. Sammy said, "No problem, follow me. I'll show you how to use the tunnels." He then proceeded to stand there and do nothing. Can't interact other than the normal follow/stay prompt.

I finally decide that I probably need to just find a tunnel entrance myself to trigger some sort of a tutorial. This is when the running started. I ran all over Boston, synching 4 or 5 viewpoints and scouring the map for a tunnel icon. Nothing. Now I'm getting pretty frustrated and just decided to get to the printers on foot. Full sync required staying below level 3, so I scouted an alley with only 2 guards and told Sammy to wait for me. Killed the guards, get to the green mark only to discover that it is, in fact, the tunnel entrance.

It would have been impossible for them to be less clear about this location. Why are they guarding the tunnels? It's like the dialogue was purposely trying to confuse me.

So, I use the tunnel, and I'm glad for the mini-tutorial since it's nothing like the previous game (I skipped Revelations). Gone is the simple enter tunnel/select exit mechanic. No, they needed to complicate things with torches, and rats, and a lock-picking minigame. Wasn't this supposed to be a fast travel system? Why is it now slower than going through the streets?

Looks like I'll be avoiding these in the future.

Sam and I exit the tunnel and he tells me to meet him at the printers. I get there and find redcoats everywhere. Not wanting to raise an alert, I decide to be stealthy. I climb the back of the building, drop down the front and hit the 'interact' button as soon as it prompts. Everything goes swimmingly in the shop, and Sammy says he's going to show me how to leave town. We exit the shop and the redcoats are now blue, which I take as a good sign since everyone that's been cool with me has been wearing blue. I guess I was wrong though, because you can't leave without bumping into them, and bumping into them causes all fucking hell to break loose.

Now Sam Adams and I are fist fighting hundreds of blue coats. Wave after wave, no end in sight. Eventually there is enough of a lull to trigger Sam's walk and dialogue, which is promptly interrupted by the next group of blue coats we happen by.

Reload checkpoint, same thing. Repeat... repeat. I'm stuck. I can't remember the last time a game made me this mad.

Fuck you Sam Adams! Can't you use your local influence to stop this madness. I'm blatantly murdering some of these guys, if they're your comrades do something about it.

I turned it off. I'm scared what I'll find if and when I go back.

Is this a known issue with this mission? If these issues are typical, how often do they pop up? I remember hearing about bad chase missions and excessive "detection triggers failure" sections, but I don't recall hearing anything like this. The setting is really cool and I want to keep going, but if the rest of the game is this messy I don't know if I can.

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#2 Posted by nathos (92 posts) -

It's a known issue. I thought it was one of the ones they patched, but given that you're still having problems with it, maybe not.

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I felt like this long before I ever got to Connor.

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You've obviously been transported to an alternate timeline where the Templars won.

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You're better off not playing it. It's not a good game.

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@oraknabo said:

I felt like this long before I ever got to Connor.

You had this issue with Adams that early on? Fascinating.

@Ravenlight said:

You've obviously been transported to an alternate timeline where the Templars won.

No, no... THIS is fascinating.

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I'm also going through the early game and getting extremely frustrated by the bugs and mission design. Lots of "get detected and game over" missions when it's difficult to tell who can see you or if you're hiding properly. Inconsistent about when Redcoats will aggro on you. Allies screwing me over or bumping me off stuff. I don't remember it being this bad. Which is sad, because I'm liking other parts of the game so far, and have always been a sucker for the Assassin's Creed stories.

I'm glad I decided early on to tell the side objectives to fuck off, because otherwise I'd be even more frustrated. God those are awful. I've also had hard locks and bugged missions each which stopped me playing for days because I got too frustrated. This does not feel like a game that has the amount of time put into it they claim.

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#8 Posted by Meptron (1296 posts) -

I'm playing this game now and it's a total mess. stupid shit like what you describe happens on practically every mission. it's a bumbling mess and has absolitely no polish whatsoever. it was rushed out the door before it was finished. i would like to be excited about ac4, but after all the misplaced hype for ac3 i just can't trust them again.

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Be thankful . You shouldn't play AC3 .

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It wanted me to stop playing it as well, but not because of the glitches.

I actually didn't mind the slow start and liked the way they built Haytham's character but once I switched to Connor it felt like I was starting the game over again and I quickly lost interest and haven't gone back yet.

Still excited for AC4 for some reason though. One of the few things I did enjoy was the addition of the boats, and I'm hoping they can get through all the tutorial stuff in the first 2 hours this time and just let me play the game.

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#11 Posted by ZeForgotten (10368 posts) -

Lot of AC3 hate here. Oh riiiight, tight, they said that we should.
Anyways, bummer you're having problems, I was one of the lucky ones who didn't get any bugs or glitches untill my third time through the game.

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I never had any issue with finishing any of the missions or getting 100% sync. but holy fuck does it ever take a long time before you get to Connor and get to really open things up. What is it, like 6-8 hours in? I never had experienced such a terribly paced and edited beginning to an otherwise pretty alright, solid Third person action adventure game.

Fucking terrible beginning, and the crafting bullshit was completely left out in left field and almost made no fucking sense at all. It was like they started building systems, then just forgot to fill them out.

Man, oh man, I really enjoyed my time with assassins creed 3 and it is one of those games I could jump back into and play around in the combat, but holy fuck did that ever let me down. Some how, before release, I just knew it was going to be a let down.

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did not have any crazy shit happen to me like the ryan/patrick quick look for example ,played on pc so that might have something t=o do with it.

sucks for you feel sorry for ya cos after the realllly slow start it does become a solid game i think . i enjoyed my time with it, but jeez did i not like connor still can't put my finger on why i did not like him.

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I'm still not even half way through this, owned it for 6 months. I've heard it gets better, not sure if I believe it. Never known a game start so badly and seemingly just get worse.

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mediocre game made worse by boring/broken gameplay. I played all other AC games to completion but bailed out of this one at about the 5hr mark.

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Full sail!

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I had the same Sam Adams bug OP had, but somehow negotiated through it with multiple restarts. There are other bugs and stupid quest limitations to come, been fustrated (yelling at the tv) on several occasions.

I'm currently at sequence 9 and I wish I could play as Haytham, Connor is an idiot.

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