Thoughts on the Map System in the Game?

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#1 Posted by devise22 (409 posts) -

So I just started playing this a few days ago and while there are certainly tons of good things I can say about the game, one of the true negatives for me right now is the new map structure. In the old games when you went into the Map you could access your legend and move around with both the joysticks and the map basically was the screen. The map here feels clunky. You open it up and your brought to essentially a menu screen with the map on the side of that. Only the right joystick controls the map by itself, and if you use the left joystick in anyway you end up changing options in the menu's and can get rid of map view all together.

While it isn't a game changer or breaker and can be learned. It is just one of those really inconvenient things I feel could of been used much better. While the map systems in previous AC games are nowhere near the depth or use of something like a Skyrim map system I really feel like this is one of the clunkiest map systems in the whole series. Anyone else having these concerns?

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The map is definitely one (of the many) steps backward in this game. It is a bit clunky, and it took quite a bit of effort to figure out how to work everything. Which is strange, because the maps in the previous games didn't have this problem, and made it relatively easy to sort out what you wanted at that moment from things you didn't. I'm not sure I'd say the Skyrim system is any better (I don't think it is significantly better or worse), but this current system in AC3 is disappointing.

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Yeah, it sucks. There was nothing wrong with the old system. Oh well. I'm starting to dislike Ubisoft's generic pandering anyway (except for Michel Ancel ofcourse).

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The menus in general really suck in that game, so I agree that it was a big step back.

Also, who had the genius idea to make the map blue on blue? I find it really hard to distinguish where I've been and where I have yet to explore. I can't imagine what it would be like if you were blue-yellow color blind.

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Menus sucked something hard. The map system was weird, and even though you could get used to it, it was a pretty big step back.

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The entire UI of this game was really flawed at a fundamental level. They need to bring in a good UX person to help them out for the next one.

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