Ubisoft must be feeling good

#1 Posted by Wuddel (2316 posts) -

The E3 demo looked good. With Bioshock pushed back, there is not much going up against AC3 (on consoles). I think it will do very well.

#2 Posted by Jimi (1148 posts) -

Was there ever any doubt that it would do well?

#3 Posted by BaneFireLord (3105 posts) -

I'm just so happy they decided to do some new things with ACIII. It would have been so easy to keep coasting with the same old ACII mechanics and conceits.

#4 Posted by Marz (5755 posts) -

i'd say they have the best lineup of games coming out this year (and next) and probably the most impressive game of the show (watch dogs)  so yeah i'd say they should feel good about themselves.

#5 Posted by BrockNRolla (1725 posts) -

Oddly enough, despite the weirdness and awkwardness of it all, they may have had the best show. They did or Sony, based on games alone. Did not see that coming.

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