Ugh, can somebody please expain

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How the fuck you are supposed to get away from the guards? I can't for the life of me figure out what the game wants from me. You have 15 guards chasing you and getting away is proving to be a fucking nightmare. It's an endless chase because there is always more guards no matter where you go, and when you're about to escape, someone always sees you.. Rooftops are a no go because you can't hide there. Connor won't stay in haystacks, and if I hide in a well, someone always comes looking after the other guards are gone. And I who thought the dungeons in the future arc of Tales of Graces f were tedious, well Assassins Creed 3 easily takes the cake. And I even think the game is otherwise pretty good.

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I think I just killed them, I don't remember it being an issue.

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Yeah that's definately the quickest way but it feels so lame man.

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You haven't really needed to actually hide from guards since the first Assassin's Creed. Just kill 'em. The combat is the best part of the game anyway.

But if Connor is just jumping out of haystacks and stuff after getting in them, that means you haven't broken line of sight, and they saw you hide in there. You need to break line of sight first, then hiding pretty much anywhere should do it.

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@grissefar: sadly just killing them.... I get what you're saying though. Slaughtering dudes in the street doesn't make me feel much like an assassin. I did find that taking the shortcuts through the houses can cut them off.

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What MooseyMcMan said.

I don't recall it being an issue, but maybe I just killed everybody.

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I always just ran through every alley I saw and eventually lost them. Also, look out for those open doors.

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If you really want to hide (and not just kill) then corners are your friend. You don't need to be rooftopping to escape, just run away turn a corner and use any hide spot (hay, well, bench, crowd, high grass, cart) before line of sight on you is reestablished.

Like Moosey said, you're getting out of hay bales because the guards still see you.

If it makes you feel better Connor is a warrior first and foremost and assassin second.

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You need to run away from them but also use the environment. So did you ever notice how there are obstacles on the side of the roads that rise and make a sort of parkour pathway across the windows of a building? Use those. And also use wells. And run through alleys a lot. And use hiding spots, like blending in with the crowd. You can tell if it'll work when the radar turn yellow. If it's red, they are sure to find you when blending or hiding.

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I found climbing to the roof and jumping into a haystack to be pretty effective.

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Welcome to one of the many issues with AC3.

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