Weirdest bug I've ever seen

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Ok, so I'm playing through the PC version of AC3, about 51% done, when on my way through Boston the game freezes. Those things happen, I reset and try again. freezes again. Then I notice something. My map marker is still animating. The shadows of trees are still swaying. All the effects and overlays seem to still be there, but Conner stands still in mid-run, birds are frozen in the air, all sound is muted. I can't find this error anywhere else online, so I'm wondering if anyone here has encountered this?

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I have not encountered this but would love to see a capture of it! Sorry dude.

#3 Posted by leafhouse (133 posts) -

You are the chosen one.

#4 Posted by dudeglove (8700 posts) -

This happened to me during Brotherhood while jumping between horses. Ezio just took off.

#5 Posted by leafhouse (133 posts) -

I take it back, ^ is the chosen one.

#6 Posted by dudeglove (8700 posts) -

@leafhouse said:

I take it back, ^ is the chosen one.

If anything the draw distance was quite impressive from that height. I eventually gave up after 15 minutes or so, but it was fun to watch him grope the air like some creeper.

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