When do you start jacking ships?

#1 Posted by Mister_V (1267 posts) -

When can you start capturing other ships? is it part of the story or do they just appear on the naval mission map? I have done one mission that was labeled as a privateer mission but it was just the same as all the other ones (find enemy ships, sink enemy ships)

#2 Posted by tallTuck94 (553 posts) -

You don't capture ships in the game. You board ships a couple of times but that's very scripted.

#3 Posted by Mister_V (1267 posts) -

Is it part of the main story though?

#4 Posted by Chaser324 (6429 posts) -

@Mister_V: There is one ship boarding that I've encountered thus far in the main plotline, and I'm guessing that any others are in the optional missions.

#5 Posted by LoginRejected (43 posts) -

There is the chain shot ammunition that you can choose to use at any time but I've not been successfull in boarding a ship outside of the scripted instances.

#6 Posted by Mister_V (1267 posts) -

ah, thanks for the info guys.

#7 Posted by mercutio123 (471 posts) -

I don't think I ever will. Just threw my controller across the room due to a shitty chase sequence where connor refused to stay on course and decided that jumping into bushes and running up walls was a better idea than following the person.

#8 Posted by Mister_V (1267 posts) -

that mission Is terrible. And that for the bonus it wants you to do it without barging into anyone is laughable.

#9 Posted by dudeglove (7758 posts) -

Stick to jacking off.

#10 Posted by Lord_Xp (602 posts) -

That chase we speak of now is the worst of them all. I literally ripped my shirt because i was furious on where the hell to go to chase the guy. And of course there's a thick crowd of people to not bump into at all. To stay on topic though, the only way to board ships is with chain shot from what an above poster said. I haven't started naval missions to truly know more about it. I'm currently trying to liberate cities and get my assassin recruits together. Harder that the last games by the way.

#11 Posted by Dagbiker (6972 posts) -

Have you tried using your seamen?

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