Would you buy a multiplayer-only Assassin's Creed game?

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While I think the quality of single player Assassin's Creed games have gone down with Revelations (which was just decent) and III (which I think is bad), I still really enjoyed the multiplayer in both, and think III made some good alterations to the elements Revelations introduced that I thought were a little half-baked. (The added priority of stuns really changed the dynamic of playing defense, and changing kill and stun to be the same button in III so you don't immediately know when someone is your pursuer fixes that. I also think the changes to abilities and their cool-down periods helps balance the game.)

I'm not usually huge on multiplayer stuff, but I absolutely love Assassin's Creed's multiplayer, and if Ubisoft released a multiplayer focused Assassin's Creed game that included enough content to justify the price I would absolutely buy it. What about you?

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I don't know. I've prestaged in all the games now and I might be burnt out. I miss the barber so much.

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If we're talking consoles, I wouldn't want any game that's just multiplayer. I'm a fan of games that are heavily focused on multiplayer (like CoD) because playing online is probably my favorite part of getting games, but I'd still really enjoy a campaign, especially from such a fantastic series like Assassins Creed.

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Definitely not, I just can't get the feel for AC multiplayer. I'm awful at it.

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I like the AC multiplayer, but no.

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Is it cheaper and have more charaters and maps?

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I thought 3's single player content was fantastic. That stuff is the reason I buy the games. That's not to say I don't like the multiplayer stuff, it's just not strong enough on it's own. Maybe as a $20 downloadable game but not $60 retail.

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I enjoyed what I played of the AC multiplayer, but no.

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I play the games for the single player stuff. The multiplayer is fun and all, but I wouldn't buy a game that was only that.

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Beyond AC3's multiplayer tutorial, I've never even touched it. So no, I wouldn't.

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I don't like the AC multiplayer.

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If it was cheaper and they took it a bit further, sure. I have had more fun with the MP in AC3 than the single player.

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if it was an XBLA game with a decent number of maps and characters to choose from... I could see it being neat.

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Helllllllllllllllllll no.

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No. I'd buy an assassin's creed with some actual assassinations though.

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nope nope nope.

MP is okay but I'd prefer AC to go back to singleplayer only. Some games (probably most) don't need MP. This is one of them. Maybe I'm just turning into an old fart. I remember the days when I would not buy a game if it didn't have MP. Now I'm more inclined to not touch MP at all.

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No, I play the multiplayer in those games to try and get a few achievements. It's fun for a while then it gets boring like all multiplayer games.

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Nope. I've played a little bit of AC:Rev multiplayer for the achievements, but if they didn't exist I would not bother with it at all. The only other game I have played MP in was ME3 so that I could get my Galactic Readiness up to 100%. Without those reasons to play, I never would and certainly wouldn't buy a game that was just multiplayer. Having said that, if they released one in order to allow them to not have to put MP in the main games, I'd be all for it.

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