shinjiex's Assassin's Creed III (PlayStation 3) review

Viva La Revolution

Assassins Creed III a true follow up to the original video game by UbiSoft developed during the Ezio trilogy saga ACII Brotherhood Revelation that I'd like to pretend never happened

ACIII takes place during the American Revolution when the brits were being butt hurt and the present time with some dude named Desmond or Neo

What I like +

Petting dogs

Stabbing people


What I don't like -

No zombies

No vampires

Can't assassinate Lincoln


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    Hardly a Revolution 0

    As someone who would consider themselves something of an Assassins Creed fan, I looked forward to Assassins Creed 3 more than any other game this year, and while I have enjoyed my time with it, it’s overwhelming similarities to previous entries in the series and the inclusion of some issues that have plagued the series for a number of games now without change has left it feeling underwhelming and a little by the numbers.The biggest change this game is the setting and characters, after a trilogy ...

    7 out of 7 found this review helpful.

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