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Assassin's Creed III: Liberation was originally released on the Vita in October 2012 (Alongside Assassin's Creed III). Almost a year later on Sept. 10th 2013, an HD version of the game was announced for digital platforms on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC. This version will include 15 new missions tailored specifically to Aveline's three personas (Assassin, Lady and Slave). Touch based missions will be either altered or removed from this version.

The "III" was omitted from the HD version's title for reasons not stated.


The Lady

The Lady persona is weak in combat and has limited access to weapons and tools.

  • can charm and bride guards.
  • gains notoriety slower than the other personas.
  • to lower the Lady persona's notoriety kill witnesses using any persona.
  • can't jump, climb or sprint.

The Assassin

Aveline is best suited for combat while in the assassin persona and can use the Chain Kill ability.

  • is always notorious, and guards are quick to notice her.
  • lower notoriety by bribing corrupt magistrates using any persona.
  • can climb freely.

The Slave

The Slave persona is weak in combat and has limited access to weapons and tools.

  • can blend with the crowd, worker groups, or by carrying crates.
  • to reduce notoriety, tear down wanted posters using any persona.
  • can free run.

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