Finally got around to finishing ACR. Double U Tee Eff. (Spoilers)

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Yeah, I know I'm a bit late to the discussion, but seriously. I went from being really interested in what happens next in AC2, and then Being highly surprised / impressed by what transpires during the end of AC:B.. to being completely disenchanted with anything that has to do with Desmond.

The Game play mechanics, and the story of Ezio was obviously my main draw for this game (again, obviously).. however its really starting to feel like the Desmond story is this thing that they cant just eliminate from the Franchise, since the whole "Templars of the modern age thing" / obstergo, etc etc... isnt something you can just ignore.

I guess what Im saying is, I kinda just wish that Assassins Creed was a stand alone product that didnt include the Desmond story line. Its horribly uninteresting at this point and it In my opinion really comes across like they're just making it up along the way.

I'll probably still play what ever the next AC ends up being, Im just really dissapointed with how they're handling everything that happens outside of Ezio's/Altaiir's lifes. Its really weird, and vague.. and they do a really shitty job of explaining anything.

Anywho, just my two cents.

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Word was this was the 3DS game that Ubisoft intended to make but then switched to over to full consoles.

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I feel a little the opposite. I got bored of brotherhood because I did not want to play as Ezio or Altier again. I wanted either a new assassin or a dedicated Desmond game. I found Brotherhood really boring and never finished it. Because of that I can't speak to the current quality of Desmond's tale.

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I actually just finished AC:Rev today myself. I have to somewhat agree although Ezio realizing who Desmond will be and how his ability to see Altier's memories might some day be seen by a later generation was quite cleaver.

That being said this game had 2 of my favorite AC moments. Ezio dressed as a minstrel and making fun of everything was hilarious and the developer transforming the horse cart battles (which I hated in every incarnation) into something truly exciting and something I wasn't expecting at the end of AC:R. But yes, everything involving Desmond just seems tacked on. Even the extra 5 or so stages just seemed like an odd mess with mechanics that seemed nonsensical and pointless, just to do something else.

also I didn't hate the tower defense stuff, although forcing it into the regular flow of the game was kind of dumb. Having that tower defense as something I could fire up when I wanted to do it would have been better as it was fun/interesting outside of the context they tried to put it in.

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Ah. Just finished it last night and this seems like a good place to process. I agree more with @ImmortalSaiyan: than I do with @TheLastNeo: about the Ezio story getting a little old and wanting to see Desmond's progress. I generally enjoyed Ezio's story I suppose, but the ending of Brotherhood really left me hanging and Revelations did NOTHING to resolve that. I had heard that from Ryan and other reviewers, so I was prepared for that, but it still really pissed me off.

I thought the Ezio knowing about Desmond stuff was kind of cool, and seeing the rest of Altair's life was nice, but where Ezio lost me in this one is when he decided to give up the keys for Sofia. Yes, I know he wasn't really giving them up because he was all ready to strike with his assassins to retrieve them, but come on Ezio! Don't be such a softy and do what you know needs to be done. Forget the girl. I guess I just didn't buy his affection for Sofia. They tried hard to sell it, but came up short in my mind. I'm very disappointed in my cold-blooded assassin.

@Fracture: I'm with you on the Desmond scenes. Cool to get some gaps filled in, but mechanically just a mess and not fun at all. If there weren't achievements for them, I'd have skipped them and looked it up on youtube. As for the tower defense, I only did it twice (the intro to it, and once more during the game) because I hated it SO MUCH. In hindsight, it is way easier to walk away, intentionally lose, and then just re-take the den by killing the captain. I definitely should have done that.

Anyway, I'll probably make a blog post with more detail on what I hope to get from Assassin's Creed 3 in light of the latest entry.

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I'm sorry did people here not understand the importance of this ezio story to the overall story of desmond? This game brings around the recolection that there are in fact 2 apples ...... thats a pretty big deal game was solid and yes the tower stuff was a bit meh and the desmond first person stuff was a bit weird but the latter wasnt mandatory at all

dont mean to troll but i think somepeople are missing the point of the story if you feel this game was "pointless" or not needed yes it could have been done quicker and possibly in a DS style form or even a motion comic etc but it is what it is and the story behind the gameplay is important if your following the full picture

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@SilenceUK: I agree. I don't understand the negativity because Assassin's Creed is a very polished game and each one is just amazing. How do they keep the worlds so big, yet so polished and grounded? For fans of the series, there's crazy things going on and Revelations was probably the most important game so far. The next one is going to be huge. No doubt about it.
I think people are expecting more than they're going to get, in terms of gameplay. They've kind of peaked. Like GTA, where could it possibly go? For what it's trying to do, it's almost perfect. Most importantly, it works.
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I like it a lot

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So I just finished watching this Lets Play of Revelations (Yes, I am a cheap bastard) and I have to say, I really loved the story. I think it was smart to bring Altair and Ezio's stories to a close. It was great to see them in their older years, et cetera.

In hindsight, I can't believe more people didn't predict the setting for AC3. At the end it shows you the map of America with an XBOX HUEG light on top of the colonial area. The god-bro says something about how they created these havens of knowledge across the world and that's when you see it. Then it shows an environment that looks like the Eastern US and at the very end of the game they open the back doors on the trailer and it's right there.

Having not played or seen the Desmond-in-the-Animus scenes, I really love the Desmond storyline and how we are following his family history. Also the Adam and Eve / Alien gods things is so so sick. I think we are much too invested in his story to ditch it now.

P.S. - What was the deal with Altair's books at the end? His son gave some to Niccolo and Marco Polo and then he said some were sent to Alexandria. Does that imply that the books at Alexandria were destroyed when the library got ransacked, so the only books left were with the Polo family? Maybe I have my history wrong...

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You had it all wrong. Ezio was nothing more than a conduit for Desmond. Too bad Ubisoft took three games with Ezio just to inform me of that. Desmond will be the main character I am thinking whenever this franchise ends.

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