help restore missing dll file

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can anybody plz send me the _Setup.dll from the revelations setup. plz mail me the file at [email edited out by mod]

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@Suman007:  Um.... _Setup.dll? I've never heard of that. The game installs without it?
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@AhmadMetallic said:

@Suman007: Um.... _Setup.dll? I've never heard of that. The game installs without it?

It shouldn't, but a quick Google search shows it is a file that would be needed if you had, let's say, a less than legal copy of the game.

Maybe it's just my sketchy hat on, but if the OP wants help, they might want to explain the exact problem in more detail instead of just asking people to send a stranger a file.

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This isn't the place to beg for files, much less files that could be related to piracy.


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