I wish there was a hood down option.

#1 Posted by kingzetta (4307 posts) -

Hood down Ezio looks like a damn dapper gent. Hood up he looks like a creepy old guy.

#2 Posted by Landon (4164 posts) -

Yeah, me too.

#3 Posted by Djratchet (669 posts) -

Hm... It would be nice I spose. The closest thing I can recall is that in Brotherhood and 2 there was the Young Ezio skin, don't know if that or anything similar is in revelations.

#4 Posted by Mike76x (558 posts) -

That would be a nice option.

I would also like a hood-up option for Desmond, and Old Altair's face on Old Altair's body. Why they use Ezio's face on that outfit I'll never know.

#5 Edited by deskp (453 posts) -

You can permanently play hood down when u replay a certain memory and decline when u get the mission pop up.

sequence 4 memory 6 i think or if it was the other way around.. Level 4 part 6

does not work on skins and ishshahsha-armor

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