Piri Reis Missions won't work

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I can't do any of his missions and in the menu under DNA it says "Go to a memory's start point to synchronize with the Animus." I'm right by his shop but no have idea how to start this shit.

#2 Posted by N7 (3961 posts) -

From my understanding you can't do these missions via the DNA menu until you go and see him.

#3 Posted by Dany (8018 posts) -

Oh...I never did any of his missions throughout the games. The bombs weren't that usefull

#4 Posted by btman (1114 posts) -

Ignore this a simple Google search worked. there are 4 posters on the right wall while facing him that you can interact with.

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@Dany said:

Oh...I never did any of his missions throughout the games. The bombs weren't that usefull

Yeah. From looking through the Trophy list there's a lot of stuff I didn't even touch - though most of them seem to either be useless collectibles or terrible side-missions like tower defense.
Am I crazy to think that all this shit they're packing into the Assassin's Creed games have the opposite effect of what was intended and actually cheapen the experience? I mean come on, two types of collectibles, tower defense, redundant crafting/loot and a goddamned Mafia Wars clone? I mean I enjoyed the main story, but really, what the fuck. :S
#6 Posted by N7 (3961 posts) -
@Three0neFive: Especially since you can out-right get out of playing those tower defense games.
I actually liked them, for a time. Then it got to the point where my guys were killing fucking everything all the time. Never not be killing, essentially. Then a giant goddamn war machine comes in and takes 500 hits and destroys my den.
That's when I made sure to never fucking play these things again.
#7 Posted by Dany (8018 posts) -

I only did 3 tower defense before I figured out that I NEEDED to have my templar awareness less than 50%

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