Poor Turkish Translations

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Many of the phrases that are said inbetween English sentences are wrong. A Turkish friend of mine was very confused when playing through the game; apparently whenever they say good or great, they actually say "beautiful" (almost a synonym, but she said it was the word beautiful in an aesthetic sense). She told me that many of the phrases that NPCs say are nonsense, like they were translated through google or something. Did they mess up Italian as badly in 2 and Brotherhood? Some of the accents were pretty cheesy, but I never thought they actually would get the language wrong. Did any Italian speakers notice anything? Historically they get many facts wrong as well. Many things about the Borgias were inaccurate in Brotherhood.

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Is bad like Modern Warfare's Russian bad ?

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No idea, my friend was just telling me that she was laughing at how stupid they sounded at times.

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I don't mind when it's historically inaccurate, I loved the Borgia stuff even if it didn't actually go down like that, but it is a bummer when they take shortcuts with the language. Luckily for me, I don't speak Italian or Turkish, so the immersion is left undisturbed.

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Is your friend from the XVI century? Cause language changes over time.

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It sounded all well n good to me =D dont understand a word turkish though!

Historicaly inaccuracy is something you should expect, they play off history mixing and trixing how they see fit, wich im fine with.

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Well, you can't expect American actors to have a perfect Turkish accent. They do sound weird, yes, but they're speaking correctly.

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@Detrian said:

Is your friend from the XVI century? Cause language changes over time.

They're not speaking Olde English in it though, so that doesn't exactly apply.

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it's ubisoft. you should expect stupid.

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Not only Turkish but the Portuguese (even if it is Brazilian Portuguese, which doesn't make any sense, at least written, by the way) translation is also inaccurate to the original language in the game (English). From orthographic errors to misleading syntax.

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First of all, I am a Turk(Turkish) who lives in Turkiye. I can say Turkish accent in ACR is pretty funny. There's not so many mistakes in grammar but pronunciation is terrible. Besides that, there is incredible mistakes about historical events and places. In the game, you can see mosques that didn't exist that time. But even those are just little mistakes. In that time Istanbul(Konstantiniyye) was almost destroyed by earthquake which called Kucuk Kiyamet (Little Apocalypse). But wait, there is no such thing like that in ACR?! That's not a surprise, though. Ubisoft did same thing before, repeatedly... Look: www.1up.com/features/assassins-creed-historical-inaccuracies And there'll be huge mistakes again...

Sorry for being late to post this reply. I'm glad to help you.

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@MikkaQ said:

@Detrian said:

Is your friend from the XVI century? Cause language changes over time.

They're not speaking Olde English in it though, so that doesn't exactly apply.

Sure it does. The English parts are translated via the Animus into modern English for Desmond, they're not translated into Old English. The untranslated parts are exactly as the person said them at that point in history.

Not saying that Turkish from that period is any different from modern Turkish nor am I defending their Turkish translations, as I have no knowledge of either.

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The Arabic in the first Assassin's Creed was some of the best I heard in any video game, I can tell you that much.

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