They need to explain more

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I hope they go more into the whole Adam and Eve thing and based off of the title (book of revelations), I'm guessing this will be the last AC.

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They're not going to stop making AC until it stops making money.

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@yoshimitz707 said:
" They're not going to stop making AC until it stops making money. "
Truth. Games are a business.
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I am guessing it not the last AC. I wouldn't be shocked if they took a break and waited until the new consoles but since they sorta have to tie into all that 2012 bullshit you could probably expect one next year. I thought the first game was kinda interesting with its take on all the religion stuff and what the Templers were trying to do. The sequel was a better game but its overall plot totally lost my interest, that is at the very end of the game  basically. 

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@yoshimitz707: They say it's the last of the Ezio trilogy in the new Game Informer. They also promise answers to many lingering questions, which of course they always say with things like this, be it a new game, new season of a T.V. show or a sequel to a movie.

That said I'm pretty sure after this game we'll continue to play as Desmond, just with a different ancestor, though I could see them having you spend more time as Desmond as the franchise continues, perhaps only stepping into the animus when he really needs an answer of some kind. I would imagine after spending so much time in the animus (and in Revelations it sounds like Desmond will master the use of the animus in a way that no one else has) that it won't take him long to home in on the memories he really needs at the moment... of course this is all wild speculation about a game that's at least 2 years away with also not knowing the outcome of the game that's currently upcoming.
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It's funny how they called Assassin's Creed as a whole a trilogy at first, now 4 games later they are saying "Oh well this is the last of the Ezio trilogy!"

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Are you asking for... a revelation? ;)
This probably won't be the last AC, AC 3 probably will be. All these games are just setting up the final epic battle against the templars, which I think will be the next one after revelations (seeing how the year 2012 is important in the game's fiction it would only make sense)

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@JJWeatherman said:
" @yoshimitz707 said:
" They're not going to stop making AC until it stops making money. "
Truth. Games are a business. "
Assassin's Creed is the only video game franchise where the more they pump out sequels, the better the gameplay becomes and the more interesting the story grows. The overall quality increases with each new title, and the innovation and depth never stop.

if that remains the case, i don't mind a new AC game every 6 months 

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