This game totally effed me (Sequence 7 spoilers)

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So there's a nice little section of about 4 missions with absolutely no break in them which has left me with mostly broken armour, about 4 bars of health and no medicine. Now that I have to work my way through the burning city which is slowly killing me with smoke and leaving me no options for getting healthy again, I'm trying to find a way to restart that entire sequence since it is impossible for me to get very far before I die, leaving me no way to finish this.

Is there a way to go back and restart the whole sequence again? I've gone through the DNA menu, and it doesn't seem to allow it.It doesn't even allow me to abort the memory. Am I totally boned on this? If I am, than thank you to Ubisoft for making and allowing a scenario which cant be escaped from.

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Nevemind on that advice, how is not allowing you to abourt current memory?
Sound like a bummer.
You should be able to run through the smoke in 4 bars i think. I remember running through it for the 100% sync and it take very little time if you are uing the zip lines.
Also try looting the guard for medicine maybe?
(then again i had full bars from best armor and 15 medicines)
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@Tennmuerti: I'm not sure why it wouldn't let me abort. I have a feeling that because of the current state of the city at that point in the story (exploded and on fire) that they can't really dump you back into it. However it would have been nice if they gave me to option to just replay the entire memory or even sequence over again.

I did get through, but I had to restart to one checkpoint earlier which really didn't seem that beneficial at first (same situation with the no health and broken armour) but after avoiding some combat with throwing knives, I was able to loot some medicine and barely make it out. Thanks for the advice though

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@MildMolasses: Glad you were able to make it through.

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Pro tip for the future: Always be countering.

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Protip: Stop being bad at the game and realize there's like 3 doctors and a smithy right there plus the "no breaks" thing is a lie.

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